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Help Info Needed !!!

  1. over the period of a nights sleep does ones body begin to use liver glycogen ? if so, are some high glycemic carbs in the morning with my oats ok ???

    1. Are testosterone levels effect by ejactulation ??? and is it good from a body building (muscle gaining) perspective to have sex every day or have less sex in regrads to hormones levels and all that ???

    2. i have just gained a bit of muslce over the last few months like a lot, and i have gotten stretch marks on my pecs and biceps, is there any way to aviod this in future ??? i have brown skin and ive notice its thicker than white skin, some of my white friends who bulk get tinny stretch marks compaired to me is this a colour thing ??? also i see alot of dark skinned athletes have stretch marks in the same spot i got them.

thank you


They are recommended.

Not enough definitive info to really care about. Don't worry.

Almost all people who get bigger experience this, usually in the same places, as in under the arm at pec insertion. Don't know how to avoid them.



LOL i swear T-Nation is psycic every time i ask a question the next day theres a fucking article about it on the main page

(breakfast question, the king of meals article)


And if you had used the search function you would have seen that everyone of your questions has probably been disucssed more than once.


Today's article as you said

Are you telling me you would give up sex everyday in order to gain just a little more muscle (if that even happens)???

Moisturise plenty, several times a day... Not aware of any good moisturisers... Do a search..