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Help Increasing My Pull -Ups

I'm 170 pounds and today I did my pull-ups for back. The first set I was able to do 8 -the second set 6 -and the third set 4. Now I feel like thats pretty lame. How can I increase my pull-ups. I do barbell rows on other days and close grip pull ups on other days. I was thinking of doing weighted pull ups but my pull ups are so lame Im afraid Ill be able to do like 2 -any help?


Best thing for you is to keep doing bw pullups. Until you can pop out 15-20 at a time, keep using just your bodyweight. As they get easier, then add weight. I would work these in each time you hit back.


im 260 and what i did was i do 3x5 i do the first set and wait until i can get 3 more good ones. once i can do them with without a long rest. i will go up maybe 5x5 . i think a good way to get your pullup up is to hit them with voulme


There's a pull-up article on here by Zeb - he's an expert on the subject. Here's one of his many postings:


Do a search for more. Any advice I otherwise give you on a Pull-up is lame compared with what you can read in the archives.

Keep at it! :slight_smile:



just do more pullups !

you're doing 18 now so add to your volume.
let's say you want to shoot for 3 sets of 8.

1st set: is in the bag.

2nd set: you bang out 876543 and stall, so jump up or use a box and do the slow controlled negative for 2&1.

3rd set: you hump-up 876 and kill for almost 5 then switch to the negatives for 4321 and you're out.

try that for 3 weeks then lighten up. come back a week later and you'll have it.

then shoot for 50.

now quit wasting your time looking up articles and go do it.


Do a search on here for the 'Lost Poliquin Files' - one of them has a pull up program written by Charles.


Sorry if I sound like a pavel fanboy but pullup ladders and lots of submaximal sets is precisely what the doctor ordered