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Help: In-Grown Toenail


Hey guys -
Figured I'd give this a shot before I go to the doctor's next week....
I'm pretty sure I have an ingrown toenail on my left big toe...

Has anyone else experienced this before and does anyone have any remedies or is my best bet to have it taken care of at the doctor's?
Also, if I go to the doctor's, what can I expect in terms of treatment?



Ive gotten a few before, usually just use a pair of pliers and a screw driver.
never went to the doctors about them, but what i do usually works. Just dig out the ingrown nail. Might hurt a little bit.


Scroll down dude, scroll down.


What? Have Skater Girl run over his toe, hence causing just enough trauma to the nail-bed that the whole nail just falls off, thus negating the ingrown aspect?

My god, man! That's brilliant!!


This is one of the two things that you go to the podiatrist for.

The other being to recieve orthotics that you don't need and that fuck up your gait.



I get them occasionally. I let them grow until they start digging in enough to start bleeding when I run or box, then deal with them.
I use a pair of cuticle scissors (I stole my pair from my wife) and cut straight back from the front of the nail parallel to the edge of the toe. This will hurt! Keep cutting unitl you can see some nailbed material welling up out of the cut, it looks somewhat like puss, but clearer and with an odd consistency, then grab the flap of nail with a pair of forceps (locking ones work the best) and simply rip the ingrown part out. That will hurt even worse!

Make sure you disinfect with alcohol (oh, yeah, that'll hurt, heh) and let it clot. I need to do it every four of five months on alternating toes, so a little over once a year per toe. I could go to a professional and probably have it taken care of permanently, but I enjoy the squirms it gives my wife, and while it does hurt, it's not crippling.


Well, thanks for the tips....
I can't imagine doing what you guys have described with those home remedies... This thing hurts to the touch... I tried a few things and I almost passed out... Maybe I'm just a wuss....
I'll see what the doctor can do for me...
Nonetheless, thanks for the advice..


You sick fuck. LoL