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Help in Cycle Design

Hi guys, I’d like some advice. I’ve collected a good collection of Ph’s and would like some help to design a cycle. I’ve not used any Ph’s before and would like to maximize the collection I have. I’m 6’3" 215lb’s, 35yrs and have been working out solid for about 2yrs but have been on and off for about 20yrs with sports…etc…This is what I have
1-T 1xbottle
M1T 2xbottle
Superdrol 1xbottle
Novla Lots
Clomid Lots

Any help would be great!

I’m not going to design a cycle for you, but I will tell you something that I enjoy saying over and over again.

M1T is not a prohormone. It is a bonafide, honest to goodness, sweet sassy Mollassey oral steroid. Methyl 1-Testosterone. 1-AD is the prohormone of 1-Testosterone. Methyl 1-Test doesn’t require conversion (which PH’s do) so it is in fact classified as AAS.

Not that it really means anything to you at this point. It’s all schedule III now anyways… I just like to say it.