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Help in Considering for a Bulking Routine


Ive been lifting for a year now. Being in between some crappy cutting and bulking cycles and recently I hit the nail on the head with cutting with Maximizing Fat Loss routine from CT which I think is fantastic to use lactic build up to create a better environment for fat loss. So anyway, I still consider myself a newbie on this. Since I'm 158 lbs, fairly lean in some areas others are still covered with some loose skin+fat like the torso, I think in a few weeks I'll start a 12-14 week program clean bulking.

What Im having trouble is deciding which routine to start with, I was thinking of going with Madcow's 5 x 5 for strength and some mass since my lifts are not that excellent.

Bench : 155 x 5
Deadlift: 185 x 5
Squat: 155 x 10 (sore knee joint, I can fairly go to the 200lb range with around 5 reps)

Other people are recommending me OVT or GVT due to the higher volume and better gains on hypertrophy which is what I'm looking for mostly, look aesthetically good, but obviously some good quality strength gains are wanted as well.

I thought about doing 5 x 5 for 6 wks and then OVT or GVT for another 6-8 wks. And then drop volume and go on another cut towards mid summer.

Other option I considered was, alternating these last two routines mentioned each week. Meaning one week 5x5, next one GVT, then 5 x 5 again. I hope some of you veterans can respond and offer some advice.

Just in case, I am a FFB i was 295lbs 2 years ago, so I've learned pretty good about nutrition along the way. My nutrition will be carb cycling for the clean bulk. High carbs/low fat for training days, during rest days I'll lower carbs and up the fats maintaining a fairly high amount of protein. I'm thinking about 3000 cals on training days and between 2300-2500 on rest days.

So, in conclusion, should I do 6 weeks of each or alternate, or any other option you can give me is welcomed as well




This is where I stopped reading, and I imagine most people worth helping you did also.

You are 160 fucking pounds dude. 12-14 weeks of "clean bulking" isn't long enough to see appreciable results at your level.

Dense grainy muscle takes years to build. YEARS!

You will spin your wheels for the rest of your life if you continue to yoyo and behave like you are.


Bulking isn't really a complicated thing that you need to change your training methods for. If you have been working out for a few years, why not just do a basic bodybuilding split? Shoulders/tri's, back/bi's, chest, legs. You should know your body pretty well by now right?


Well I have to start somewhere I wasn't implying that 3 months of X routine would give me 30 lbs of muscle. I've done regular routines for a while with decent results, I'm looking for another approach with much better direction like the routines I mentioned. That's why I posted here, I accept I am a beginner cause as I said I only have one year on my belt. I know it takes years, and just in case I am not some ecto guy who weighs 160 lbs, I still have a few problem areas which come from when I was almost 300 lbs, but if I keep cutting I may end up being scrawnier, which I don't want. I came here for advice on what I posted not to read about stuff I already know.


Do any good beginner program and do it until it stops working. you're still very small and weak, focus on bulking for atleast a year. you're not going to put on a lot of weight by only bulking for 4 months and you will probably lose any of the muscle that you gain by cutting.


you've been lifting for a year, and those are your numbers?

something seems off, sorry


get stronger dude, eat food, look at technique videos for the squat - my left knee gets sore unless i do them right. you are at an absolute beginner stage


Pretty much this.

And by bulking he means "eating above maintenance".

Look, you have done an amazing job losing all the fat. The best part is now you know you have the determination to succeed. But thinking in terms of 12 weeks here and 12 week there is going to fuck you over and leave you stagnate in the end.

If you want to gain size, pick any non-retarted routine/split/etc eat more calories than you spend, and go balls to the wall with the weights for the next year or more.

You have to think long term man.


Ok, then I'll plan to do that. Thanks