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Help in Choosing Creatine

Guys, I have a problem. I used Creatine monohydrat before, and I always get an upset stomach :(. Everything is normal about first week, but then it’s starting to cause me nausea, and once I almost vomited. Then I stopped taking it. So, does anyone thinks that some capsuled creatine would be better for me, because it passes stomach and goes intact straight into intestine? How about this new Kre-Alkalyn EFX?
Thank you in advance!

Try it in pill form, but if pure monohydrate with nothing else added upsets your insides then I would just avoid creatine - I personally don’t get much, if anything at all, from it.

Thank you for your fast reply rsg. Creatine basicly works pretty fine for me, but my stomach simply doesn’t like it. I thought maybe in some smaller dose, like this Kre-Alkalyne, it won’t be to harsh for my stomach. I never get diarrhea from it, but nausea always. So, I guess, if I bypass that very first part of my digestive tract, I will avoid nausea too…

maybe anyone else has an opinion?

Just try it and see what happens, all you have to lose is a bit of money on the product.

Try premixing the powder with grape juice or warm water and stir for a good minute so it’s as dissovled as possible before drinking it.

Are you taking 5g, one teaspoon?

yes, I take one teaspoon. Well, I guess I’ll listen to your advice and give it a try. Thank you again!

I have heard that if you are cutting corners and buying cheap Chinese creatine, the impurities can cause gastrointestinal distress.

try a micronized creatine monohydrate. One that says creaPURE. If it’s bothering your stomach, then it probably just isnt dissolving well enough. Try mixing it with more water or apple juice or whatever. Also, the warmer the liquid, the easier it dissolves.

I would say try pills. I use CEE and it is have never had bloating or naseau. I know people that use monohydrate and they say they occasionally get. They say prune juice helps a bit, and with the absorbtion rate (idk what your diet and goals are, so take that into mind before juice or other simple carbs). Other than that they suck it up.

If you arent getting to great gains from creatine, then just dont use it if the discomfort is too much

Kre alkalyn works pretty well, I like it. I do not like it’s price however. lol

I like a good creatine mono supp because it is cheap and effective. Take it with some juice or dextrose. Maybe some ALA could help too.


thank you guys! I will try it in pill form, and if I am not satisfied with results I will try again with to dissolve it better. I admit I didn’t pay much attention on it.

another way to have creatine…have some nice red meat

[quote]RushNRocket wrote:
another way to have creatine…have some nice red meat[/quote]

But you either eat it raw or you cook it for a couple seconds so you don’t kill the creatine.