Help In A New Cycle

hi fellows…i need some help from you guys…i’ve been training for 5 yrs i started at 55 kg & 2 yrs later i was 87.5 with 25% fat…now i’m 82 kg with 18%-20% fats…oh my height is 175 cm…

shall i start cutting till i reach 10% fats…or shall i bulk till 90 kgs than cut backwards ?

i need help on consturting my third cycle…i’ve got my hands on sus 250, deca 50mg/ml, test prop 25mg/ml, dbol, winny, nolva, clomid, proviron

i just finished reading the “building the perfect beast” for Auther…& i was thinking of trying his 30 days cycle … what do u think

If you are going to do a 30 day cycle leave the sust alone. Even the deca has a long half life and should be ran for much longer than 30 days. So with what you have I would say run the prop, dbol and maybe the winstrol.
You had better have your injection sites mapped out because you will need to shoot the prop every day and will need about 3ml per injection.

I’ve never used 25mg/ml injectables before, thats a low concentration. Use the nolv for your PCT. With such a short cycle you shouldn’t get shut down too bad but just run a normal PCT to be sure. My .02, others may disagree.

Author L.Rea sugest the following cycle:

day 1 sust 250
day 2 sust 250
day 3 sust 250
day 4 sust 250
day 5 sust 250
day 6 sust 250
day 7 sust 250
day 8 sust 250
day 9 sust 250
day 10 sust 250
day 11 deca 200
day 12 deca 200
day 13 deca 200
day 14 deca 200
day 15 deca 200
day 16 deca 200
day 17 deca 200
day 18 deca 200
day 19 deca 200
day 20 deca 200

also you can run dbol or anadrol till from day 1 till day 30


Is this your first cycle? I’ve never heard of this, running 2.5 grams of test in 10 days followed by 2 grams of deca in 10 days. But then I’m unfamiliar with the 30 day cycles the author mentions. Maybe someone else can help you here. Yes, you can run drol or dbol for 30 days.

any help plz…

That 30 day cycle looks excellent if you want to prevent yourself from having the ability fo have sex for a couple months.

Try searching this site. There are people have tried short cycles here with different components.
Sell that prop… 25mg/ml is near useless. Just imho of course.

By far the best cycle for leaning out is test prop, masteron, and trenbolone. If you’re carrying that much body fat you’d be silly not to run a DHT derivative.

my problem that i wish to run short cycle 4-6 weeks but the ass i got my hand on don’t help me

[quote]koda wrote:
my problem that i wish to run short cycle 4-6 weeks but the ass i got my hand on don’t help me[/quote]

I’m not quite sure what you are even asking.