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Help Improving My Diet

I’m 18 years old male, weight 79.5kg (175lbs), 185cm (about 6’1"), judging by looks I’d say bf probably around 14%. I’m doing thaiboxing 4-5 times a week (1 hour sessions) and heavy bag work once or twice a week on top of that. I also lift weights, starting from tomorrow I’ll start doing a bit modified version of Wendlers 5/3/1 (can’t do heavy benching and militarypressing because of my shoulders) twice a week. I also have P.E. during this period in school twice a week, both times after lifting and I’ll also be doing TB class those days.

Now with weather warming up here in the north I’ve also started to include some morning cardio (30min max, 3-4 times a week), which means usually morning running or walking with some corework followed up by stretching. I consider myself an easy gainer, after putting some time and reading a whole bunch of JB’s articles I’ve managed to cut a bit of fat. I’ve been going pretty low on carbs considering my sport, but now with increased amount of activity I feel like my recovery isn’t fast enough.

Basic diet for a day would probably look something like this.

Before morning cardio, if I decide to do any, I’ll drink a night time protein shake, which should be very slowly digesting protein source, about 30g of powder (~120kcals, ~26g protein) with lots of water.

For breakfast I’ll have oatmeal (1dl of whole grain oats and water) with about 100g of frozen berries (blueberries or a mix of different berries) and 250g of quark with 100-200g of fruit (pineapple, oranges, apples, bananas) and about 0,5l of extra protein skim milk (1:1 ratio of P/C). If I have the time I’ll drink cup or two of green tea to go with it. Whole thing should consist of something between 50-60g protein and 500-700kcals with most of the calories coming from carbs.

I’ll usually be eating lunch at school. School food is free here in Finland, but its done on really low budget so the food isn’t really stunningly high on quality. I think I can get about 30g of protein the whole meal, usually its rice/potatoes with some sort of sauce which usually contains some meat and I’ll try to have about half a plate of salad or more. I’d say I’ll end up eating roughly about 500kcals on this meal, no idea how the calories split up in macros.

Tuesday and Thursday I’ll be lifting shortly after lunch. After lifting I’ll have my own recovery shake, which contains 40g maltodextrin and 30g whey with about 5g of cocoa powder for flavor. Should contain around 300kcals.

Shortly after lifting and recovery shake will be P.E. class, and after that I’ll usually eat a whole bunch of food at home, usually some basic home made food like spaghetti etc., not perfect macros and nutrients but I’ll need to get some calories in quickly because few hours later I’ll be doing TB. Every day but Tuesday and Thursday this time of the day I’ll usually have some lean chicken/turkey/some other meat and a lot of salad with some nuts (almonds and walnuts). This meal usually ends up somewhere around 400-500kcals, with over 40g protein and rest being fat (and little carbs from veggies).

After TB I’ll have similar shake to what I have after lifting, 40g malto 30g whey 5g cocoa powder.

About 1 hr after TB I’ve been having a bit bigger meal with around 40-50g protein and a lot of fat, almost no carbs at all. This probably needs a change, since I won’t be focusing on cutting weight anymore, but I’m afraid of going high on carbs because night time carbs is one of the culprits for the higher bf% I used to have before I started cutting. Some low GI carbs here with protein and little fat would probably be good, I’ve been thinking about maybe having some chili with meat (not forgetting salad) this time of day (about 9.30PM) . Good amount of kcals around 600?

Last meal before going to bed will be lean chicken/turkey/other meat with salad and nuts, around 400kcals.

Counting up the calories this will probably fall a bit short of the daily recommendation. Its okay for me if I’m dropping little fat on the way, but I really don’t want to sacrifice much recovery on the way. I think I could easily afford throwing in a few more fruits for the workout days during school to cut out the longer breaks whitout food and maybe cutting back on the carbs on rest days. I usually allow myself two cheat meals a week, and they’ll be on the weekend most of the time when I don’t train so much, so limiting the carbs on weekends is probably not suchs a bad idea when you look at the big picture.

Long post and could’ve made it a bit cleaner and easier to read but bear with me. Thanks a lot for everyone who’ll take their time to read and comment, feel free to ask whatever you want if I forgot something or wasn’t clear enough!

E: Forgot to mention I do drink a lot of water and 3-5 cups of green tea a day.

Dude write your diet like this:



it would be so much easier to read.

  1. What are your goals?
  2. How well has your current diet worked for you?
  3. What has changed about your situation (more/less training, etc)?

Oatmeal (1dl oats and water)
100g frozen berries
250g quark
100-200g fruit (orange/pineapple/banana)
0,5l skim milk (extra protein)
Roughly 500-700kcals, over 50g protein

At school, usually salad, rice/potato and sauce, sometimes bread and soup.
0,5l skim milk
Around 400-500 kcals

150g chicken (or other lean meat)
20-30g nuts (walnuts or almonds)

Rice/spaghetti with sauce

TB training

Post workout shake
40g maltodextrin
30g whey protein
5g cocoa powder

Dinner II
I’m thinking about maybe chicken and chili or something like that, something to get me some good low GI carbs and enough protein to keep my recovery up? Around 600 kcals?

Before bed
150g Chicken or other lean meat
20g nuts

If I’m lifting in the day it will be pretty soon after lunch, after that I’ll drink post workout shake similar to what I described I have after TB. Long days at school so I usually don’t have the time to eat that snack, look for more details in the first post. If I do any morning cardio, I’ll do it before breakfast and I’ll have slowly digesting night time protein shake 30min before the cardio session, after cardio I’ll have breakfast normally.
What I basically need feedback about is carb timing, I’m easy gainer and night time carbs if not done properly will most likely have a negative affect on my bf%.

  1. Goals are to keep my recovery up enough that I can train TB efficiently and maybe get my lifts up a bit. Not looking to put on any muscle, slow and steady loss of bf would be nice. Eating the way I have been eating now I’ve managed to lose fat but can’t recover fast enough and don’t have enough energy for training.

  2. Like I said, I’ve managed to lose fat but I’ve been eating too little carbs to recover properly.

  3. More training.

Maybe try to stack up nutrition before and after lifting, and before and after kickboxing. That turns into a lot of periworkout nurtition. It doesn’t have to be shakes, it can be meals, get some carbs and protein in.

Other than that you need to juggle fat loss vs recovery. Since you’re doing “stuff” throughout the day, you could eat more just about anywhere.

What does your diet add up to in calories and protein?

I’d say around 2500kcals+shakes, over 150g of protein which should be easily enough, maybe too much?

You should buckle down and add up both. Estimate as best as you can the “typical” lunches and dinners. Since you’re so active, including lifting, I’d recommend 175g protein would be the minimum for you, even whilst eating a mess o’ carbs. More protein probably wouldn’t hurt, but you basically just want to get in sufficient calories to support the training.

[quote]Fistiecuffs wrote:
I’m 18 years old male, weight 79.5kg (175lbs), 185cm (about 6’1")…I consider myself an easy gainer…[/quote]

This was humorous to me…I know what 6’1 175 pound females look like (hot)…I cant imagine what a dude of that size looks like though…

Dude break your diet out into a fucking table format. Nobody wants to read through a god damned novel to figure out how shitty your diet is.

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
This was humorous to me…I know what 6’1 175 pound females look like (hot)…I cant imagine what a dude of that size looks like though…
Guess you don’t step out of the gym too often then? I’m not a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, my main focus is on thai boxing.

Thanks for the input Rhino, guess I’ll just add it all up and see what happens.

At first glance here’s what I see:

  1. Not enough quality protein early.

  2. Too high of a carb meal before TB. It sounds logical but in reality just makes you feel sleepy after a long day.

  3. I’d add some quality protein to your early meals (hard boiled eggs are fast and easy) and replace the high carb Pre Thai Boxing meal with something more balanced. Nuts and fruit or chicken breast a salad or potato.

By not enough quality protein early you mean protein comeing from milk products isn’t quality protein or I should try to stack my protein income higher than 50g in the breakfast? Lunch isn’t really something I can affect, though I can drink more milk if it seems clear it isn’t high enough in protein. I’ll drop the carbs before thai boxing and see what happens, thanks for the input!

I like protein from meat and eggs in the morning.
Milk proteins clot in the stomach and release slower, which is great for night time.
I honestly think it’s that high carb meal.

Read Thibs article on the Pulse Feast program.
It’s probably night right for you but he explains how we really don’t need THAT much food in our bodies throughout the day to feel eneregized.

Sine you’re not looking to be a competitive body builder you have a lot of food options.
Experiment with different things and see what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks, will put those tips to work and see what happens!

Also, stop guessing at calorie and protien levels in you meals, get some scales. Calculator and read the lable.

Eg I’m not sure how you got those 50g of protien in that breakfast.

[quote]MAsteve wrote:
Also, stop guessing at calorie and protien levels in you meals, get some scales. Calculator and read the lable.

Eg I’m not sure how you got those 50g of protien in that breakfast. [/quote]
Quark has got 10g of protein in 100g, that makes for 25g. That extra protein milk contains 5g of protein in 100g, that makes it another 25g in 0,5l. Oats have few grams too, so that makes it for over 50g. I know I get enough protein on the snacks since I make the choice of how much meat/eggs etc I need based on getting at least 30g a meal, then throw in enough nuts etc to get the calories up. As for lunch/dinner etc., I don’t prepare those myself so weighing the ingredients gets a little trickier.