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Help, I'm Shaped Like a T, Need Lats

I’m 162lb(up from 145) 20yr old college student who was on WSFSB for about 6 months, then joined my schools boxing team and lost most of the mass I had gained, and now have been back on it for 3 months.

I’ve seen good improvement in terms of strength and volume in that time EXCEPT MY LATS, they are the exact same size. Now Id like to be wide enough to be used as a sail, so this is a problem.

So how can I adjust my program to start seeing some progress in my stubborn lats?

Heres my program…

I go A,B,off,C,B,off, repeat. Or I take out one of the off days if I feel like I’m completely recovered.

Bench Max: 4x175lb
*Pull-Ups: 3x5xBodyweight+25
Dec DB Bench:3x9x55
Rows: 4x12x110
DB Cleans: 3x11x25
Situps+Back Extensions

BB Deadlift Max: 5x335
Walking Lunges: 3x10x35
Leg Curls: 3x10x130
*Calf Raises: 3x10x35
Grip Work

C. Rep Day
DB Bench: 3x MaxReps x 45
Rope Pushdowns: 3x10x50
Pull ups: 4x8 (various grips)
Curls: 3x10x25
DB Vert Press: 3x10x35
Abs Circuit

I eat 4-5 high-protein low-fat meals a day, I take 5g creatine post wo, plus 1g omega-3, and 400IU vitamin E along with a daily vitamin.

My sleep is somewhat irregular but between 5 and 9 hrs a night.


no real advice to give you except keep at it. You’re not really at a place where you have weak points yet