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Help...I'm RE-pubescent!

I’ve recently rediscovered my T-manhood; lifting hard, eating right, feeling good. This comes after a long period of slacking. If you’ve ever hit it hard after a long layoff, you know how fast the results can come. The muscle size and hardness is increasing as fast as the fat is disappearing. Having experienced this before, I decided that this time I wouldn’t touch any of the usual supplements and just ride the wave of quick results for a while. The only supplements I’m using are Udo’s and fish oil. My diet has been consistent; less than 100g carbs with lots of vegetables, clean protein, and healthy fats. On top of the great results, I’m noticing very oily skin, which is not typical, and some acne. Do you think these are an indirect result of the healthy fats leading to increased testosterone, or jut the increased level of fats somehow directly causing oily skin?

Rosheem, how many grams or tablespoons of Udo’s and fish oil are you getting per day? The interesting thing is that those fats are preferentially used for hormone production, above 15% of caloric intake, they even have a thermogenic type of affect on the body. They’re also used in the phospholipid membranes of the cells, making for a more fluid membrane that allows nutrients to get in more efficiently and waste out more efficiently.

Another thought, are you doing more cardio and/or sweating more? Sweating is another way that the body excretes wastes and toxins.

Tampa-I’ve only done 2 cardio sessions since I’ve been back in the game because I’m shedding fat like crazy without cardio right now. I figured I would save the cardio until the fat loss slows down so I can throw my body another curve at that point. I am sweating more, though…even during my regular lifting sessions. I’m taking about one tablespoon of Udo’s/day (actually it’s one swig…I don’t bother with the spoon) and 3 caps of cod liver oil.