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Help I'm Injured!!

Hey yall.

I injured my knee about a month ago doing sumo pulls. I have this sharp pain right under the top part of the left knee cap. I’ve had my coach look at it and a chiropractor at a sports physical therapy clinic look at it and they told me that I sprained my LCL because of the extreme tension on that ligament doing sumo pulls for the first time.

I was told that a doctor would have to look at my knee with an MRI to see for sure what was wrong.

At first, I did have pain on the outside of my portion of my knee but that has all gone away. Now I am just left with a sharp pain under the knee cap whenever I try to squat or bench. Whenever I put weight on that leg to get out of a car or to even get out of a fucking chair. Ice will dull the pain temporarily but isn’t helping the recovery process.

This is getting really frustrating because I just got into the sport of powerlifting and I was progressing really well.

Has anybody else on the board had a similiar injury that could share their insight?

Thanks for the help

Have you gotten an MRI yet?

I agree, unless they know what’s wrong exactly it’s hard to say.

I would think a healthy dose of inflammation reducing fish oil would always help.

But chronic pain isn’t something I’ve had to deal with yet.

[quote]sic wrote:
Have you gotten an MRI yet?[/quote]

I haven’t gotten one yet because my insurance doesn’t cover it. It is going to cost me close to 500 dollars to get one done.

Just thought Id say ‘hang in there dude’

I’ve had knee problems before and it sucks major ass.

Only advice I can think of is dont start lifting til youre 100% positive that its healed. It will be very tempting to get back to it but be patient.

Best wishes.


My coach Brian sent me to his friend who is studying exercise physiology at USF and he told me what I have seems like it could be Pre patellar bursitis. I researched it online and in a few books and it sounds correct. It is basically chronic swelling and pinpoint pain on the back part of the meniscus where the knee bursa is.

It is also known as handmaids knee because it really hurts to kneel down on one knee.

NSAIDs, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, ice and heat therapy, and rest aare what is going to save my knee.

Does anybody know what OTC Pain reliever has Naproxin?

[quote]Florida Titan wrote:

This is getting really frustrating because I just got into the sport of powerlifting and I was progressing really well.

This is one of the big problems with newbies, your muscles grow and strengthen (and recover) Much faster then tendons and ligaments.
If you didnt tear anything, you’ll recover over time, but I think you can kiss your powerlifting career goodbye for a while. Learn to like high reps with low weight and lots of stretching, even on your off days.