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Help Identifying Dbol Tabs Please!

Because I have to buy online, I decided to play safe and split my order between two suppliers - both orders have arrived, and they’re different.

What I ORDERED was 10mg dianabol. What I got was…

A packet of five-sided PINK tabs

A packet of five-sided YELLOW tabs

Searching the internet I think the Pinks are 5mg but just as I was about to assume the yellows were 10mg, I found this on a steriod info website:

" The pink ones are Anabol (Dianabol) and the yellow ones are Stanabol (Winstrol). These are very popular right now. They are 5 mg tabs and they sell for less than 30 cents a tab. "

Can someone clarify asap please!

I have no intention of taking anything until I know exactly what I’ve been sent.

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Are these tabs supposed to be from British Dragon? Because if they are, the pinks are d-bol and the yellows are Stanozolol(winstrol)I believe they are both 5mg.

I’ve come upon British Dragon D-Bol and Winny. The D-bol was pink, square, and 10mg. The winny was yellow, square, and 10mg.
Hope this helps.

In other words it is probably British Dispensary D-bol and winny in 5mg dose.