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Help Identify This Bench


Ok, this bench is in my new gym and nobody knows what its called or what it was made for. Gym owner picked it up from some other place that closed down. Previous owner didn't know what it was or what it was for. Got people of all ages in our gym and none have seen one before either.



I am thinking people make sexy time on that thing.


Its for crunches. And giving accurate representation to me the sexing.


Good lord, what the f* is that for?


I can't see it being for crunches, are you sure? Look at any other ab-type platform. They are wider and longer. If your legs went over the hump, your shoulders would be off the other end. And it's too narrow to keep your legs together on the hump, at least for anyone with decent sized thighs.

We can imagine all kinds of things one could do on this here bench... but what's it called, and what is it really for? If it IS for crunches, does it have a name or can you find other examples of one?

Thanks for any and all help. :slightly_smiling:


It's a pullover bench. You sit on it and arch your back over the hump to get a full stretch on pullovers. These were quite common back in the 70's.


That makes sense.

I took a wild guess lol


2+ years of no posting and you post to share your knowledge. Well done, sir/mam...probably sir.


That is badass, first and only post, and probably the only one on T-Nation who knew the answer. Amazing.


Thanks Pedal! Guess that's about all the authority I'm gonna get on this thing. I was just about convinced it was for chest-supported rows. In any case, it's rather awkward for most movements. Guess that's why it was popular in the 70's and not so much 30 years later.

Oh well, I'm going to let the gym owner know it is a pullover bench. Thanks all!


Bingo! Steve Reeves used to market these things.

You know, back when anyone bothered to do pullovers.




It's a back bend helper.