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Help - Ideas?

What’s up T-Nation family I need help I new to the lifting game and have been lifting for about 2 weeks now. I’m using Chad Waterbury’s total body workout and I’m still on week one just finished my 3rd workout of the programs. The problem is I’m not sweating enough. I’m following the recommended reps and rest time it’s just I’m noT sweating at all. I notice this and it turned into a horrible workout I couldn’t focus on anything at all. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Is your goal to sweat? Or to get big/strong? If it’s to get big/strong, then don’t worry about it. Some people just don’t sweat that much.

Sweating is not a requirement for getting stronger just so you know but if it really bothers you wear a sweat suit. I think its a dumb idea but so is judging how your workout went by how much sweat you produced.

i rarely sweat when lifting, except on leg days when I keep lower rest periods. I sweat a lot doing a 25-30 min cardio on the bike/elliptical though. Sweating =/= more muscle.

if you want to sweat put on sweat pants, then you will sweat. I found when in a cold gym I wont sweat, but in a normal temp gym about 14 cels, i start sweating bullets

All right guys thanks for the advice and my goal is fat loss. Another couple of questions I notice that when I follow the programs rest period my heart rate goes down pretty fast should I add more weight or decrease the recommended rest period. Also how would I warm up properly before weight training I noticed some of the special forces lifting with light weights before they start their actual set. Oh I;m in Afghanistan by the way.

Maybe you’re fucking dehydrated. If your goal is to sweat and lose weight, you could always wander out into the desert and just run as fast as you possibly can until you collapse. I bet you will be sweating.

Hey T-Nation family what is a good pre workout supplement to consume I read Chad Wayerbury’s Muscle Revolution and he recommend a protein shake of about 40grams before every workout for fat loss. I just want some sugguestions I’m still new to this and just trying to learn.