Help ID My Problem

46 YO Male
32-33" waist

I am struggling with my weight. My build is that of a power lifter and have spent a great deal of my early years doing just that. Although I do have sex, I have noticed I no longer have morning wood, and my erections are not as hard as they once were.

I have become an avid competitive cyclist, and well, power to weight is everything and although I have a lot of power I have way to much weight.

Mid 2012 I hit the diet and fitness with more committment that ever because I had allowed myself to swell up to 232lbs. before kickin myself in the ass. I used cycling and the atkins diet and reached a low of 193 and that is where the weight loss stopped.

I eat clean, and ride my ass off and now, the weight is coming back- up to 202- I carry it in my waist belly and flanks. IMHO- there is no way someone who eats like me and burns the kind of calories I do to gain weight unless someother factor is at work.

This is what brings me here- Is this a metabolism issue? Thyroid? T ? What? I am satisfied with my power and endurance but I need to be 180-185 and nothing I seem to do will get me below 193. At this point I am suspecting my aging metabolism to be culprit and in its current state will not cooperate with the fat brunging process anymore.

What I have done so far here- Been reading the stickies and noticed the iodine/thyroid info.
Can anyone say with any authority just much “Hypothyroidism” can contribute to weight loss, or the lack thereof? Last nite laying in bed reading the iodine info I took my temperature- at 10:52PM I was 97.7. As soon as I woke this AM, Without getting out of bed, I took it again several times. 96.1, 96.1, 96.3,96.3 and once at 96.5 .

Accoring to the sticky I should probably get on some iodine–right?

Finally, my last inquiry for now- Just how much does Testosterone affect weigh loss/control? I am having a new blood test done this week but, a year ago my total T was 329 and free T was .197.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there is no magic weight loss pill; I have been and am now putting in big miles, passing up holiday treats, eating whole grain this and that & more chicken than anyone I know etc. Ill do the damn work, I just need my body to respond.

All input appreciated.

You are on the right path. But we do not know if thyroid issues are from pathology or iodine deficiency. If you tell me that you stopped using iodized salt, you are probably deficient. You should do some lab work too.

Thyroid levels control body temperature. Thyroid acts on the mitochondria that create the energy that powers your cells. So every cell in your body can be slowed down. That includes the brain and the function of all vital organs. Slow mitochondrial also cannot metabolize lipids in your blood steam. Leads to fat gain and inability to loose fat. Extreme diets and/or over training can increased rT3 which can also induce functional hypothyroidism.

I do note that we have problems with avid cyclists here.

Your TT was very low. FT is meaningless without lab range.
Do not start TT with this thyroid problem, you will feel worse.

lab range for FT was .091-.579. Your comment re cyclists…? typo in there can you repeat?

We see guys who have hormone issues who over train and runners and cyclists seem to have a set of problems in common. [edit not–>note]
When some start to have hormone problems, they reduce training. Some keep on pushing when there body is not up to the task and things get worse. Not very scientific, but there it is.

Response? “If you tell me that you stopped using iodized salt, you are probably deficient.”

Never really “Stopped” but started using using pretty much 100% Kosher salt whic hhas none, and then noticed after this aforum, my regular salt has NO IODINE. So the answer is yes, I have not had iodized salt in years.

SO to clarify- in my situation of not being able to lose anymore weight, are you suggesting that could be caused by a thyroid issue-IE: my thyroid function being depressed= slowed or inefficient metabolism= difficulty losing weight?

Bump- KSMan?

Body temps are low and you are iodine deficient [ID]. Yes, this changes your metabolism and affects weight.

Please study the thyroid basics sticky. You can do thyroid labs then do iodine replenishment [IR] or do iodine replenishment then do labs later. In my case, I did not see the value of labs based on my iodine deficiency. You can look for signs of thyroid autoimmune disease prior to IR.

So who else in you household is now also iodine deficient?

Do something!

Probably everyone! Shelves now stocked with IODIZED salt and a bottle of Iodorol -taking 2 tabs, twice a day. We’ll see what happens. Thank you.