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Help! I Want a Six Pack


ok so ive been trying sevral workout strategies and none seem to be working out. i really dont fully understand what i need to do in order to obtain the six pack that i want can anyone help me?? ive searched T-Nation and i cant really find what im looking for. ive even searched google and honestly i trust the t nation team more than i do google.


First off, post your routine and your diet. Then ask for help.


Less time googling and more time working out (with one program).


alright well ive been doing sit ups but on a bench so i can get more stress on my abs, leg lifts and more sit ups. ive been trying to eat tons more protein . i cant fucking drink that whey protein shit. i give you guys props for being able to drink that stuff.


You're not looking hard enough. If you're really serious about it, there's a lot of information in the articles and forums on this site. Read through all of them. Choose a routine, and if you haven't already done so, clean up your diet. Be consistent with both. There's no easy way around it. Consistency x time = success. That said, it would be helpful if you posted your current routine and diet, and we can probably suggest some good articles to read.


lol, I'll give my two cents that helped me, fuck sit ups, search T-Nation or whatever find different ab workouts but to hell with crunches and sit ups. Captain chair is awesome. Cut your carb intake up your protein intake. Don't eat any carbs after 2 or 4 or whatever if your cutting and are serious about getting abs...and up your cardio a bit, but if you have no fat to cut and are just a skinny dude, then gain a shit ton of weight before you worry aobut abs, this is a BB forum not a " hawt abz" forum. In a sum...mix up your ab workouts every couple weeks , do each set untill it burns and you can't stand, and throw crunches and situps in the can.


ok, so in order to show your abs you have to get rid of the fat covering the abs, and it's usually the last to go.

So at 10% body fat you have a "4-pack" and at about 6-8% you will have your nice visible abs or a "6-pack" depending on how much shape and definition you have in your abs. But getting into single digit bodyfat is the key.

So go ahead and diet your brains out and come back when your at 6% bodyfat and have some nice abs.


i love core work, but for show abs it's always the same: diet. get your BF down to 8%


To the OP:

Go here: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner?pageNo=1&s=forumsNavTop

This is the beginner's forum. At the top, there are four threads. 'Stickies', is the name they're referred to as, because they're 'stuck' at the top of the forum. It would be a good idea to read them all, but specifically read the thread 'Are You A Beginner II' by VROOM. It has a great deal of general information, and will most likely answer a number of questions you have before you realize you had them.

In order to get a six-pack, you need a low level of bodyfat and a solid level of muscle. I have no idea of how much you weigh or how much fat you're carrying, but based upon your presence here and your post above, I'm guessing you have too much fat and not enough muscle.

Doing sit-ups, crunches, and leg raises will NOT get you a six-pack. The most they will do will increase strength in your abdominal muscles and hip-flexors. They will not decrease your level of fat.

What you need to is pick a program from this site (the programs listed here have been vetted and I would recommend them). Then pick a diet from this site (same condition as programs). Then do them for an extended period of time (8-12 weeks) without cheating, deviating or 'customizing' them. At the end of that time frame, you will have made progress. You might not have a six-pack- it depends on how much fat you're currently carrying. But you will definitely have made progress, and will be in a better position than you started out in.


so sit ups and crunches suck pretty bad?? alright i was pretty damn sure that my diet needed a hit ton more protein and lees carbs but i guess i was a little confused on my workout. ok so what exactly is captain chair??


If you think all you need is more protein and a new exercise to get you a six-pack, you are probably wrong.


build muscle first. If you don't have enough muscle, It won't matter how lean you are, you'll just look skinny, like a 12 year old


yea, don't do thousands of sit ups. For example, do some decline sit ups with resistance. Start off with a 25lb plate and work your way up.


Can't get your six-pack? Can't drink whey? Well, I heard of somebody who injected whey straight into his abs... Just remember to give each ab an equal dosage though. You may end up with weird-looking abs...


I agree with this 100%. I've seen the scrawniest dudes have 6 packs because they don't eat.lol There is a ton of information on this site to suit whatever goal you want.


does anyone else think this is a troll-job?

paulson....sift through the articles on the MAIN PAGE and then read the BEGINNERS forum "stickies" as Otep suggested.

there are MANY factors that go into getting a 6-pack and society seems to think that it's EASY....when it is not.


Paulson, there is no secret to obtaining a six pack. As you get lean they will be there. You can do 1,000 sit ups a day. If you have fat around your gut you won't see them. Just eat a normal healthy diet and lose some fat and they will show up. You don't need all the fancy types of sit ups or a radical diet you can't sustain. Good old fashioned sit ups do the job. We have a habit of making things more difficult than needed. The gut area is the last place you will lose fat unfortunately. Good luck.


stop answering his stupid 6-pack threads. He hasnt read anything, done anything, and keeps making the same stupid threads. Avacado did a great job answering him in another thread that he clearly never read again.

paulson, just give up.... and eat more carrots.


That is a very very VERY good point. Society does seem to think it's easy, why the crap is that? Gotta' because it's all we see in ads and movies and stuff?

It's wierd how easy they make it sound on TV though...