Help I sat down and now I can get up!!!

Listen to this. I just started doing box squats with a box just set just below parallel. Also know that I have been doing power squats seriously for more than 6 years. Here is the kicker I can normally do sets with over 400lbs but off the box I have trouble doing more than 275lbs for sets. I really don’t get this phenomenon. Is it normal to have this big of a difference between squats off the box and regular power squats. I know that part of this problem comes from being week at the bottom of the squat. What else could be wrong and what else can I do to remedy my predicament?

i have been doing the box squats for a few months and my 1rm is only 235.i have not been training for 6 years like yourself but i have heard that 50-55 % of your 1rm is what you should be working for the poundage,i dont think anyone does more on the box than without the box maybe because we tend to sit back a bit more with the box?anyway,i would like to know more about how your doing them…ie:are you relaxing the hips when on the box or are you just touching the box and popping up?what stance are you using?i am using a bench to get to parallel and still find it very difficult to get the weight back up after sitting on the box.still learning the form onmy of luck

That sounds about right. You’re used to using your quads but at the bottom of the squat when sitting on the box your quads are at a disadvantageous position. When coming up off the box try pushing your feet straight out to the sides instead of pushing down. This will force you to use your hips and you will quickly get quite good at it.

Ok, I am just going to take it from the top. I get into the rack and put the bar as low on my delts as flexibility will allow. I then grab the bar as close to the shoulders as I can and unrack the weight. I then step back to the box and the fun begins. I get my arch and slowly squat down until my ass meets the box set just bellow parallel. I sit on the box for a count always keeping the arch tight. After I am on the box for a count I try to return to the starting position. The hardest part though is getting off the box. Once I get the weight moving I have no problems.

This exercise frustrates me so much I just decided to make it my main leg lift. My question for you all is if I do box squats do I still need to do regular power squats?

Read the articles on this site by Dave Tate, particularly the Box Squat article. And by the way, you do NOT want to put your hands as close to your shoulders on the bar. Put them as wide as possible while still maintaining a tight arch in upper back.

Thanks for all the advise.

If you are having trouble getting off the box you may have weak hamstrings or hips. Try bringing up these areas if they are lagging. Don’t relax when you sit back on the box, stay tight. Are you including a dynamic squat day to work on your explosive strength or do you always go heavy?

i have read the articles mentioned on the box squats as well.they are very helpful but i still cant figure out how to properly sit back on the box so the knees never go out past the toes and the shins remain perpendicular.if i sit down and maintain a good leg form i feel as though i have to scoot my ass forward on the box in order to make the upward movement.all these squatting techniques have driven me to craziness so that i use the squats as my primarty leg exercise.i am determined to conquer this exercise on and off the box but would like to do it properly.i find myself leaning forward and lifting with my back if i get stuck and i know that this will eventually cause an injury.i am rather tall at 6’3" and legs are 38" leg strength is good.any other suggestions from those of you that have the experience?thanx for all the input so far.

Take your stance out wider. And I don’t think that Dave Tate says anything about shins staying perpendicular, if I remember correctly he says box squatting is better than regular squatting because you can take your shins PAST perpendicular to the floor (meaning they are angled back towards you) if you tried to get your shins past perpendicular without a box you would fall down.

thanx “pda” for the are right about the dave tate article and the going past perpendilcular with the question is ,if you do go past perpendicular with your shins facing towads you,how do you manage to get up without scooting up on the box.maybe i misunderstood the article but i got the impression that i should be working towards sitting abnormally back on the box but have yet to figure out how to ascend after doing that.thanx for the follow up

Don’t take your shins very far past perpendicular and it shouldn’t be a problem as long as your hips, hams and back are strong. It may help you to start off with a very light weight or even just a barbell to get the proper feel for it. I find that if I go too far past perpendicular I can’t get back up without rocking. It also helps for me to visualize driving through it with my hips.