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Help, I Need to Change

Hi, this is my first post, I have been reading and looking around and Everyone seems very helpful so here is my problem, maybe some of you can help.

I am 6 foot 7 inches, currently weighting 385lbs (played at 350 lbs), I played Collegiate Football for 5 years as an Offensive lineman (Left Tackle).

During that time about two years ago, I ruptured all the ligaments and tendons, wrapped my radius and ulna around each other, disclocated all the little wrist bones, needless to say I F*ucked it up. I did it during a football Game my senior year, went after a fumble and got my Right arm and wrist jumped on by the opposing team.

I had a 7 hour surgery to build me a new wrist, and went through physical therapy for 1 year. I don’t have very good range of motion and I can’t do some of the lifts I really enjoyed before getting hurt.

Any way I have been feeling sorry for my self for the last 2 years and I need to change. I haven’t worked out in 2 years and I see my body converting muscle into fat.

These were a few of my maxes before the injury.
non-safe Squat = 650
Bench = 460
Hang Clean = 375
Hang Snatch = 315
Ran a 5.1 Forty

Now as an olinemen I was never taught how to eat, meaning a diet There never was a need. However now that I know I will not be able to play any more I want to cut about 100 lbs. and get back into weights. But my main goal is to lose 100 lbs. you guys and gals got any suggestions. I really don’t want to be BIG anymore, I have never had to lose weight so this will be a very biggggg Change for me and I need all the help I can get!!!

Thanks in advance


first of all, never give up on this shit. ever. it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

and now, arent you in luck, there just so happens to be a massive thread, albeit very informative and easy to read, about a diet that would be(in my opinion) perfect for you

the anabolic diet thread:

there is alotta info in there to digests, but just take half an hour sometime and read through it all. i doubt you will need to buy the book, The Anabolic Diet, by Mauro Pasquale, but, you can if you want a more complete, concise guide.

once you get done reading through that thread and if you have any questions, post them here or on that thread.

as far as lifting goes, i have no idea as to the extent of your injury, and what you can what you cannot do. but regardless, just try and get into the weightroom and lift 2-3 times a week, and get your ass moving. be it cardio, taking the stairs, just get used to being more active. and cut out pop.

just basic shit man, if you have been reading this site for any time at all now, you know what to do, its just a matter of whether or not you are gonna stay fucking fat, or lose weight.

cowboy up.

Here’s a good link to many articles about nutrition:


You can look over the short description they give and click on the article that seems to fit you best, though I’d suggest reading through a lot of them. That’s what I did, starting with the top and working down.

Here’s another with tons of links to great articles:


I know you’re not a begginer by any means if you were putting up numbers as you mentioned, but I found this post to be incredibly helpful in answering a lot of questions I had.

I’d say the best thing to do is to stick with your goals. I think one of the biggest problems with most people who want to change something about themselves is that they don’t stick to it long enough.

If you fall off, get right back on and look to the future, not what you did or could have done in the past. Being consistant on a sub-optimal program is better than using the most optimal program for you, for only a short time.

Thanks people, I just need to get out and move, stop eating Shit and do something.

I have been in the weight room one time during that 2 year hiaidous, that was actually 5 weeks ago, went in to talk to a buddy and lifted a little, I can do 275 on bench without pain, and about 400 on squat with out pain. these aer the only two major lifts my wrist can handle. I can’t do dead lift, hang clean, pretty much nay thing that puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the wrist is a NO NO.

Those are some pretty impressive numbers! Try to think about this as a a fresh new start for the rest of your life. Being patient is so important, but with your background I think that simply eating clean and working out will help everything fall into place.

Two things that I find help keep me sane are John Berardi’s 90% rule - the difference between 90 and 100% is so minimal, focus on getting it right (eating clean) 90% of the time and don’t stress over the other 10% life throws at you (I’m paraphrasing big time). And when I do slip up, I try to at least learn from it - ie. next time I’ll bring food with me to my sister’s cookout since I know there won’t be many healthy options.

Best wishes to you!

Is there any hope that u-r wrist will be fine again…?If no i’v would recoment that u give up lifting for a wile before u hurt u-r self even more…
God diet and some running and u will be slick and tight…

there r many replacements for the weight training…:=)

Thanks for the info people, My wrist is at 75 % and will not get much better, (so says the doctors anyway) I am going to have to take it one day at a time. :slight_smile:

Hey biggstone, if all you can do is bench and squat, then bench and squat. It’s not like those two lifts don’t work about 95% of your body (obviously not a precise percentage). In addition to the Anabolic Diet previously mentioned, there’s also Chris Shugart’s Velocity Diet, that can jump start your fat loss process.

Also check Christian Thibodeau’s Running man article although at your sizr you might want to do things like swim and row to protect your joints, at least until you get those 100 lbs off. Keep coming back, most of the folks here are very cool and willing to support and help out.