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Help, I have a Meltdown training question!

I’m going to try meltdown, it sounds like it works. But what I don’t understand is in week 3 Don says you can do this in the mornings of your OFF days. What does OFF mean. That sounds like we can still weight train “normal” during the week in the afternoons and then do this death circuit in mornings? The article led me beleive that this “death circuit” does both areobic and anareobic into one and that’s all you do. If you are suppose to weight train normal on the days that you don’t do meltdown training, what should be my exercises, sets, and reps be. Thanks for your input guys!

i believe he was saying you can do the skip rope on the morning of your off days. i would not recommend you do any other training while doing meltdown. just follow the program, take your own puke bucket to the gym, and keep someone close by who can help pick you up off the floor. this program is a bitch.