Help - I Fractured My Arm!

Hey guys!
I got knocked over when cycling home last night and I’ve fractured the radial head in my right arm. I didn’t think there was much wrong when I first tried to get up again and I managed to cycle home but I realised there was a problem when my arm was I kept waking up in the night with unbelievable pains in my forearm.

I have 2nd year finals in 3 weeks, after which I’m meant to be going to New Zealand for 6 weeks for the end of the Lions tour. I’m also meant to be starting my undergrad research project tommorrow investigating obesity, exercise and immunodepression. I was at an all day olympic weightlifting course on saturday and learnt a good basic technique for the clean and jerk and the snatch. I have so much that I wanted to do over the next few weeks but this has put me on such a down - I feel useless - I tried to make myself a shake earlier and struggled to get the dam lid of the bottle… I’m getting really frustrated that I can’t do even the simplest of tasks. My revision is suffering because I can’t write I’ve been told to stay away from weights for at least 6 weeks.

I know that the question is somewhat pathetic and I’m ashamed how down I feel when my situation is nowhere near as bad as a what a lot of people have to cope with but how do you deal with the frustration and getting worked up about everything?

I’ve read “T-Nation defined” and “Merry Christmas Bob” a couple of times because I always feel better for that! Thanks for your time guys - just writing this out has helped me come round somewhat,

Is it really necessary to stay out of the gym for so long? I don’t see why a few one arm deadlifts would be such a bad thing in a weeks time or so!

Scratch that - Im not going to let some dam fracture stop me getting on with my life - sorry for the whinging!