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Help, I can't search the T-mag Forum

I don’t know what is wrong, but I have never been able to use the search feature on the T-mag forum. I can search through articles fine, but not the forum. Every time I try to search either at work or at home, I get this message:
No parameters?search_subjectsearch_authorsubject.xsubject.y

I see the SUBJECT and AUTHOR box, but nothing else. Am I missing something. Does anyone else have this problem. Any input would be great.

That happens to me when I just type the word into the box and then press enter. When I used the mouse and CLICKED on ‘subject’ after writing in what I was searching for it magically started working.
Hope this helps.

You have to click on the reply button, do not push enter

Thanks for the help guys, I’ve got it figured out. I was just hitting “return”, but clicking on the SUBJECT or AUTHOR button works. Thanks again.