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Help, Gynecomastia Caused by Meds!!!!

Long story short (short as I can anyway) Recently confirmed Gynecomastia likely caused by my hiv med Sustiva, and or Propeica used long term.

Doc let me get DHT (Andractim) from a compounding pharmacy but I am three fourths through with the scrip and nothing is happening.

Docs plan be is “Tamoxifen” Though I hear this may work, it has a higher rate of the gyno returning sometimes. I am reading alot about Letrozole and Arimidex. The first being really the nuke option, the second taking a little longer to work.

Anyone have any opinions bout any of these? Also anyone familiar with or know anyone who is concerning gyno caused by HIV meds? Thanks, Al

gyno sticky. read it. gl

I have absolutely no experience with HIV meds.

Because I dont have HIV, but everything you mentioned would be an acceptable treatment.

We can probably help you with roid related gyno, but other than that.

look into what exactly is the reason the drug(s0 in question have caused gyno… ie. which hormones have been affected… that way you will be able to find out which drug would be best to counter the effect.

So google your suspected offending drug and gynocomastia/female hormone level or something, and find out if the effects are predominately Estrogenic, progestin or Prolactin based - or all three… find out if the drug IS an estrogen or a prolactin or a prolactin itself… because if it is, an AI is likely to not work anyway.

Come back with that information… PM me if you like and i will try to help the best i can.

good luck.

Thanks will do! Pretty sure they think the Sustiva I am on mimics estrogen, but will look it up…

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Cool, I understand what your saying all cept for the “If its proG or proL” what does that mean?

Just in the last week or so I have also noticed what I can only call a “pubic fat pad” right above the genitals on both sides… Its subtle but feels like the lumps in my pecs (this is what I origanaly went to the doc for, the lumps in my pecs, thats when the doc said i have mild gynecomastia)and this area feels the same…

Again is just not normal looking, I have very low body fat…Hoping whatever “fix” the doc finally comes up for my gyno will also fix this new wierd symptom.

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The ones in my groin are a little sore. But yes hard and fibrous…The gyno is confirmed by my doc… On DHT now, gonna try to confince my doc to let me try Letrozole (a short course to eat up the excess tissue) followed by a low dose of Arimidex (Anasrozole) to keep the gyno away.

The problem is having gyno for the reason I do, is a very new problem, so theres not alot of research as to what the best course of treatment is.