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Help Guy with Man Boob Problem

yeah i know funny haha!! anyway hi I’ve been training for nearly 3 years (1.5 on powerlifting). i’m 5 ft6in, i weighed 13 stone in 2006 and dropped to 8 stone in 2007. now even at 8 stone i still had these dam man boobs!!. but now i weigh nearly 13 stone, i don’t feel as ‘fat’ as before cos i eat loads of protein, carbs, good fats (little saturated fat too) clean stuff, but these things are getting bigger. i do chest exercises (flat, iclines) i wanna get bigger (like 14 stone +) so what is the best solution?

i don’t want surgery untill it gets REALLY bad. At the moment i’m thinking of cutting, will that help? what about doing decline bench?


You might want to check out the stick thread in the T-Cell Alpha.
You’ve Got Male…Titties
You have to be invited to post, but it will probably answer all your questions with a good read. Pack a lunch, there’s a lot of info in there.