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Help! Got ED!


Hi, I recently upped my dose without causion, and that has caused me Erectile dysfunction right now. I need a guidence to fix this ASAP: (I can get an erection but its not a 100% one, and it takes time to get up and hard to keep)

This is what i was on
750mg Testosteron E
200mg Trenbolone E
30mcg DBOL/day

This is what i have in my system now
1250mg TEst
200mg tren
remains of the dbols (havnt taken any since yesterday and wont take either until dick works again)
40mcg Nolva.

What should i do To get a working dick AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, i got places to be and bitches to see.

Should i A
stop with testosteron or just take 250mg next pin, with 200 tren
Lower testo to 250mg and Increase tren to 300mg
Stop testo and keep on tren only
Stop tren and take only 250mg Testo
Stop all together and start my HCG? (least favorite option, i have a PL meet coming up. but im not willing to be floppy dick right now, i met a new woman)
Or just pin once with like 500mg tren.
Will viagra help? i have some underway.

I have no AI's and i have no clue how to get them on short notice, since i bought my drugs from a local dealer, not online. and he does not seem to have any arimidex.

Thanks in advance... Also i dont know if i can ask this, But Anyone know where i can get Arimidex on short notice? (mod plz just remove this part if its not allowed to ask)


yet another cycling without an AI horror story.

Same shit every day on this forum.


yep. that's what i get for doing shit without proper research.
But my dealer doesnt have arimidex so i cant get it now...


These things are so easy to get. No real excuse for this. Furthermore anyone selling juice and not having an ai and pct products available as well is giant douche doing a disservice to his customers and all of the rest of us. Get an ai use google. Get some caber and some nolva. If you can't find them you aren't trying at all. I can have juice and all 3 of those things found in 5 min or less.


BTW.... Even though you've made a huge error I applaude your thorough post. Good job with details. It helps us help you.


yup, good point.

OP, it might be worth it to get some Proviron solely for the sexual side effects... it's not gonna fix your problem, though.


30Mcg dbol? Serious?


I disagree if a source told me look I have all of this but I do not sell this stuff you will have to go here or here to get that then that is his own dumb ass fault for not doing so.


I know, but i have been on 250mg test for 6 months straight, and i did a cycle of 100mg tren e. then i had 2 months off tren and went back on it now on double dose. and increased the test. First cycle had no use for Ais.
And i was too eager to start this heavier cycle so i didnt do my research on arimidex.
I can get it online but I needed help for a quickfix since im in a new relationship.
If i wasnt. i wouldnt care that much about a floppy dick. for 2 months more until my tren cycle is done. And since tren doesnt aromatise i thought i would be safe, but i guess not.


Arginine on empty stomach, yohimbine, cialis

Get something for estro even if just clomid and nova to block effects. I'd try to find aromasin to drop estrogens just as preference I feel arimidex is better during cycle use alongside large amounts of aromatisable aas


Fair, if source told you where to get it. I assumed (my fault) that said source didn't help in any way. Either didn't recommend at all or just said heres your stuff if you wan't/need anything else I don't have it. I would love if AAS would one day be legal and people allowing others to do half assed cycles or in any way contributing to them is doing a disservice to all of us. People fucking up a cycle because of lack of knowledge makes everyone look bad and contributes to keeping them illegal. Because they are dangerous... Look what they do to people.


You need an AI which you can get online. That is your best bet. Most "research chemical" places sell these things to be used "for experimentation only" and can have them to you in a couple of days. You really need something for prolactin too. Usually caber but as a research chem many believe its not stable. So prami may be what you have to do. Take it just before bed though as many complain about an upset stomach with it. You can get Prami in liquid that will work just fine. Without directly giving you a source, which is prohibited I hope that gets you where you need to be.


Thank you very much for your help. I will look in to this asap.
And be wiser next time :slight_smile:


Please keep in mind that it will take a few days to get your research supplies. I'm sure you'll end up with prami. (Easier and faster to get usually). Taper up your dose slowly. Start with 1/8mg per day (.125). Stick with that for a few days then up to .25 for 3days then .375..... Up to .5. It will take you 8-10 days to get to that dose. If you aren't patient though you will end up sick. There are horror stories of guys puking their guts out with a raging boner. Unfortunately you'll have to be patient. You should start seeing positives in just a few days. Even at the real low dose and it will get better as you taper up.


I lowered my test down to 250mg, and increased my tren to 300mg. and after 3 days random boners started to appear agian. only 85% ones tho. So i ordered Kamagra, And took one of those and got a raging boner xD lasted for about 5 hours. She was very satisfied XD
I'll sit on 250mg test for 3 weeks now then up it to 500. i wont hit 750 again this cycle. and next time ill go with 750test with arimidex. and decca instead
Tren is fucking up my head to much .


Sounds like it's under control, but blood work would be good. Could be something other than high E going on.