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HELP! Good gyms in/near Seal Beach, CA?

I just moved from Texas to Seal Beach and I am wondering if anyone out there knows of a good gym in the area? Thanks alot, Snippdawg.

Bump. I’m looking for the smaller sweat and blood type gyms.

These types of gyms are hard to find in SoCal.

I would ask Coach Davies if he has any recommendations. Im up north a bit, so Im not really sure.

Is Fullerton far from you? That’s Milos Sarcev’s gym, I heard it was pretty good. Its a Gold’s so that may not be exactly what you want, though.

I just want somewhere that has power racks and such, I’m thinking about starting powerlifting so if I could find a gym like that…I guess for now I will try the Baleys on PCH or there is a Gold’s near me in Huntington and one in LB I might check out, thanks for thee advice.

Not sure what your idea of hardcore is - but you won’t find much in the area. I would pass on the ones you mentioned but if you venture more towards Garden Grove it improves quite a bit.

Let me know if I can help though.

In faith,

Coach Davies

If your neal seal beach, train like a seal. Swim, run, pull-ups and push-ups.

Power rack is for wet laundry.