Help Going From TRT to HCG Mono

Does any one have any advice on going from a trt protocol to a hcg mono therapy? I have read 250iu every other day but does that mean to just stop the test cyp cold turkey? I am sure your wondering why… I have struggled with my testosterone levels going to high and my estrogen staying to low… no matter what I try I can’t get my estrogen above the teens even with a TT of over 1200… I feel terrible so my thought was hcg will aromatize more than the cyp and make me feel better?

You should just add HCG to your TRT protocol instead of stopping TRT. HCG doesn’t always activate all pathways, is HPTA suppressive and only stimulates half of the testicles.

I’ve tried that and it just pushed my TT even higher creating more problems. I’m currently barely on much test cyp… .56mg per week and still feel ramped up. I just don’t think my body likes testosterone? Just a hunch.

Why not just supplement with actual estrogen on top of testosterone?

Where do you get that?

Ask your Dr. Pretty sure it’s BC pills.

Well I did get some birth control pills and I took one today and it was one of my best days on trt in 7 months… so not sure how to raise estrogen without needing birth control… it doesn’t appear that I aromatize T to E2 so does anyone have any experience with raising estrogen with other meds?

Drink more beer.

Everybody talks about cleaning up their diet and not drinking alcohol but everybody keeps advising me to eat like shit and drink like crazy got to love hormone replacement

You need more estrogen, beer is a good way to get that. I am not advising going overboard on your calories.

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This is worth reading through if you have not already.

Thank you… I’m with defy as my provide so maybe I’ll call and ask them some ideas.