Help Going From TRT to 10-Week Blast

I am late 30’s, recently started trt. Long history of lifting but last 6 years was all long endurance racing, so I lost a lot of strength and muscle. I am currently 5’8" 195lbs, bodyfat is high (about 18%) since I have just started back to the gym and cardio after a 5 month break.
The break was to try and get my body functioning properly again, after 6 years of 20hrs a week of cardio, I was toast. It did not help and I started trt.

Prior to endurance racing I lifted for about 17 years, over the years I did well and learned how to diet and train.

I am on 150mg per week testC and 250IU HCG. I have follow up labs in 7 weeks, after that I was going to try and run a blast. This is what I was thinking.

10 weeks long.

TestC at 500mg per week (includes my trt dose)
I have arimadex on hand, maybe start with .25mg e3d
(I dont use any AI with TRT)

I also have a 10ml bottle of a blend that contains-

Drostanolone Propionate (50 mg/ml)
Trenbolone Acetate (50 mg/ml)
Testosterone Propionate (50 mg/ml)

Should I somehow integrate this? if so how would you recommend?

My goal is to put on a few pounds of lean muscle and try and drop a couple pounds of fat. Basically a re comp.

I am on TRT and will continue with 150mg per week after blast.
I forgot to mention I have arimadex on hand as well, currently I do not need it with TRT.

Is that sufficient?

if you want to use tren for blasting
you might need caber on hand

Thanks, I will look into the caber.

Do you have any recommendation for adding the blend?
Its 150mg per ml, I have 1 bottle at 10ml, so should I split it equally through the 10 weeks and lower the testC so I remain at 500mg per week.

Or add it in at a certain point through the blast?
Or just not use it.

I was thinking if I use it
testC at 350mg per week (including trt dose) 2x per week
Blend at 150mg per week - split equally every day

I have the same question about the blend
I’m not on TRT but I’m trying to do a 10week cycle just like your blast with 500mG test a week and I have a 10ml blend that’s 225/ml tren drostolone test and I’m trying to figure out when during the cycle to throw it in

That blend should be injected at least EOD. It is also ideally suited for cutting or strength and it isn’t for beginners.

I also recommend holding off on your blast for another while. Let your body adjust to your new hormone levels and also get those beginner gains from having normal levels.

I appreciate the reply. You make a very valid point, maybe I will hold off on the blast for a few months since it’s been years with low t, no telling what I can accomplish with normal levels.

I am doing a long mix, test e 200, tren e 75, mast e 75 per ml, so to get 300 tren e and 300 dros e , a week i have to do 2ml twice a week.
I think 300mg of tren and 300mg dros is a minimum weekly so i got to take 800mg test also.
Only sides are a nauseous feeling, and im getting so strong i have to tone it down to prevent injury, wicked pumps, and a slight cough.
I dont think 10 ml of your short mix 75,75,75 will do much eod at 1 ml is 20 days. Unles you do at end of blast before you go back to trt dosage.
I added arimestane to my cycle 10 days ago and feel way better , and at 43 have the sex drive of when i was late twenties.