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Help Getting to Sleep

I’ve been an insomniac for as long as I can remember now, no matter what I do or try I just can’t seem to get to sleep until hours after I need to. Needless to say this isn’t very conductive to my muscle-building efforts either. Anyone got any tips for me on how to get to sleep quicker/easier?

I’ve had this same problem too. I started taking melatonin, and it seems to help with falling asleep, but not so much staying asleep. I’ve also heard that drinking warm milk is good because of tryptophans.

MELATONIN! I’m an insomniac, it works well for me usually.

Z-12 and ZMA

jack off.

start upping th magnesium,calcium and zinc it may take a few days for this to kick in but will help specially if your train alot.

melatonin may work, I need to try that but the first two are cures for me, I just wonder if any extra T goes into the first one.

Also getting into a routine with bed and rising times helps a lot. Avoiding stimulants after a certain time of day. Getting into a bedtime routine or ritual, etc.

I was a pretty bad insomniac a year or two ago, but these tips helped me.

Thanks guys, but the supplement ones aren’t too helpful for me, because I have barely any money at the moment. I should’ve specified: tips that don’t end up with me having to spend money.

turn off all electronics.
work out daily or most days
make sure the room is dark.
don’t watch tv in bed
take a hot bath to relax

zma- it’s cheap $15/month if it helps, money tight or not, solid sleep would be well worth it

Steal some melatonin.

That, or get into a specific routine, getting up at the same time every morning. It’ll hurt for the first little bit, but should become easy eventually.