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Help Getting to 270.

I am 6’1 275 and i wrestle at a division 1 program. I am currently trying to get up to around 285-290 and then slowly cut down to around 270. I am usually really good with my eating and shakes and exercising. I lift 4 times a week and i just got out of a boot so now i am going to do cardio everyday for 30-45 minutes.

i have some love handles and a little more padding in the lower abs. I need to get rid of, i mean lets be realistic i dont want a 6 pack, but to slim down.

So what do you want us to do? Exercise and eat for you?

no insult, but your goals are a bit strange. You are a wrestler at a division I, but you want to gain weight, so you can then lose weight.
What is most important to you? I would think that the performance at your chosen sport would be primary. Your going to have to spend energy to lose weight that you have yet to gain. Seems like that would not be advantageous to wrestling performance.

Whatever is most important to you, attack that goal with full force.
Wanna gain? eat more and cut out cardio. You’ll gain. Want to lose? create a calorie deficit.

There are about a million programs on this site.

Pick one.

Then read some of the thousands of diet articles and stick with the guidelines.

270 by when? You have time til the season…hell you could come in at 290 and be 270 without dieting once practice heats up.

focus on your numbers in the gym and eat right, ditch the cardio with the exception of ten 15 second all out sprints 3x a week, rest 60 seconds in between. Eat like you have to gain 20 lbs. If your gym numbers do not increase back the sprints down to 2x a week, if that doesn’t work play with your diet…if that doesn’t work THEN look at your program including your rest.

How clean is your diet now? If you eat a fair amount of junk food, then you can probably achieve your goal of a leaner 270 without having to bulk and then cut. You’re a D1 college wrestler, you probably know how and when to condition yourself better than anyone on this site.

Ok well stevenf thanks for the sarcasm… we have a nutritionist here and i do not really think she knows what she is talking about so that is why i have come to this site to get some information and it can not hurt to hear from other sources… and my coach wants me to bulk up and then by wrestling season i can start slimming down so if you are confused this was what my coach wants me to do.

thanks for the help with the sprints and working out.

I am eating really well all the time and i split it up between 5-6 meals a day.

is 275 your current weight when it’s time for a meet, after depleting water and such? Or is it your “walking around” weight?

[quote]bigpoppahwt275 wrote:
I am eating really well all the time and i split it up between 5-6 meals a day. [/quote]

If you have jelly rolls, then you are not eating well all the time.

Stop lying to yourself.

I have no idea whether carrying around extra fat is good for heavy weight wrestlers; so I have no opinion on what you should do. Other than, as I noted above, stop lying to yourself.

Do you want to slim down for personal reasons or for wrestling?

ok well my current eating in a day consist of…

before lifting: 2 packets of oatmeal and 3 hardboiled eggs ( 2 whites 1 yolk)

after lifting: 2 scoops of muscle milk, organic peanut butter with wheat toast, and 8 oz glass of skim milk

2-3 hours later: metrx shake, mighty shake, and power bar ( triple threat)

lunch: sandwhich with turkey, tomatoes, and lettuce, wheat bread. salad with ham cubes, broccoli, cucumbers, and carrots.

2-3 hours later: same as above

wrestling practice

after: what ever i decide to make, but i stay away from carbs and fat. usually tuna with cottage cheese/salad/ or sometimes just a shake.

before bed: for sure 8 oz of cottage cheese with can of tuna

it is not really personal, because i can live with myself the way i am right now. just looking for the most effective way in order to bulk up a little more and then get a little more cut up. i have noticed when i am gaining weight i am doing a shit load more in my lifts. all of them