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Help Getting Started

Hi everyone,

I’m a 27yo male, just got cleared to work out after leg surgery. I’m about 175-180lb and 5’8".

I just got out of the service due to the surgery, and always thought about getting into lifting but always had excuses not to. Now I’ve got nothing but time and opportunity so I’m hoping to best the excuses and get to it.

I bought a 7ft olympic bar, 300lb of weight, and a power rack and bench. My goals are to lose body fat and get stronger, my weight isn’t a huge concern(aside from it being lean). All of this is stuffed in a room just barely wide enough to fit my purposes.

I bought the equipment with the idea of beginning with Starting Strength and was hoping to see if there was any reasons to not go with it or any tips to increase my results.

My diet is terrible and is something I will be working on as I go. I’ve already nixed sodas and am starting to eat more home cooked meals.

Anyway, with the equipment that I have, will the basic SS routine be a good launching point for me to meet my goals?

If you’re cleared to work out and you don’t anticipate any issues, clean up your diet and get to it.

Start super light because of the surgery, though.

I appreciate the response, and did my first session today.

Squats: 3x5 at 135
Bench: 3x5 at 115
Deadlift: 1x5 at 165

After the squats I was already exhausted, I guess endurance goes to shit after spending the better part of a year sitting around in a cast. However, I managed to finish them (likely need critique on form.) My legs were wobbling the rest of the workout.

Bench was standard, not much issue.

I struggled a lot on the deadlift as well and had to break the final two lifts up to finish, but did. May need to lighten up a bit on the next run.

I feel beat to hell but good about it, my leg didn’t give any troubles or pains so thats a plus but I definitely got lightheaded a couple times and was shaking like an addict. Looking forward to Wednesday.

It’s perfectly fine to take each deadlift rep as a single. Take the time to readjust your foot and your body. Just don’t take 5-6+ seconds between reps, and if you do account for it and use that as motivation to start doing hard conditioning so that you can make each rep faster =P

SS is a great program. You’re staying off right, and you’ll be glad you have later. Search this site for any diet questions you have, once that gets in check things will start happening quickly. Best of luck and welcome

Congrats on starting! Make long term goals and you’re well on your way

Congrats on starting! Make long term goals and you’re well on your way

Today I had my second session. I wasn’t at 100% because I was freakin’ sore after Monday - it felt like I got kicked in the ass cheeks by a mule thanks to I’m assuming, squats. However, I managed to finish.

Squats - 3x5 at 135
Presses - 3x5 at 75 (and that was heavy enough!)
Power Cleans - 5x3 at 95

My squats felt wobbly because my thighs/ass were still aching from Monday.
Presses weren’t hard but 75 was enough to make me struggle quite a bit.
Power cleans are kind of hard to feel out, I’m not sure if I was doing them 100% correctly but I followed the SS video and gave it a go.

Still feeling great after the workout and sweating buckets, I tend to rest longer than recommended but I have no endurance at the moment, working on it.

I’ve made my diet basic and routine as I stick to those better than sweeping alterations. I kicked my 5 soda a day habit in favor of all water all the time.

I have a 3 egg scramble in the morning with spinach tossed in (I just grab a handful and throw it in). For brunch/lunch I cook up a cup of brown rice and a 10oz chicken breast and eat on it as I go. For afternoon I have either turkey or beef ground with onions and spinach and balsamic vinegar (same grab some spinach and toss it in measuring method), and dinner I have what the wife is cooking. Still not ideal, but its a 180 from the usual. I could likely stand to get more fruits and different types of veggies, and will work toward that.

I also hope to upload some form videos for review by any kind soul willing to help. My leg is still holding strong and for that I’m thankful.

When you’re JUST starting out, you can drop the weight a little and kick up the reps to get your body used to the movements for the first couple weeks. The soreness will pass.

Power cleans don’t need to be perfect. As long as you’re not endangering yourself, they’re probably good enough.

Keep it up!

Do Starting strength for 2-3 months to learn the big lifts but after this move on to another program like Texas method or 5/3/1 . -People tend to stall hard on SS after a while and it also leaves the arms lagging.

I appreciate the advice, I’ll look into it. I honestly know nothing about weightlifting outside of what I’ve read up in the last couple weeks but am eager to learn. It seems for every bit of solid advice I find, there is another article claiming the previous article is full of shit. Its hard to make heads or tails of what is sound strategy.

I’ve finished week 1 of SS, and feel great. Not claiming to feel any changes yet, just feel like I’ve accomplished something and not falling apart.