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Help Getting Rid of Some Fat

Hello i have fat around the top areas on my legs and around my lower stomach, i was just wondering what the best things to eat are and what exercises are best to get a flat chest and thinner thighs,

I am at school and i have a healthy cereal breakfast with soymilk and some fruit, i do not have time for dinner and i have a healthy meal when i get home, i just want to focus on getting rid of the fat in my thighs and focus on getting a flat chest,

I just want advice and stuff to help me reach that goal.


Oh and i only drink water iv cut down on the sugary drinks and i have lost some weight, its helped, but i want to focus mainly on my thighs and getting a flat chest

I cut down to eating around 1500 calories a day, i just want advice, is that too little?, too much?

i also tend to eat beef , ham , chicken every day, is this good or bad?


First off, what is your body weight/height/age? We can’t tell if 1500 cals is too low, too high, or just right until we now your stats.

Secondly, I have a few pieces of advice. Eat AT LEAST 3 meals a day. I understand it can be hard to eat often for some people, but it is all in your head, really. You can always bring sandwiches and snacks with you.

Are you male or female (sorry, I wasn’t sure). If you are a male, I (and many others) suggest cutting down on soy. Soy is full of phytoestrogens that act as estrogen in the body. Estrogen has the function (in part) of storing extra fat, especially in the abdominal and hip areas.

Also, how much protein are you eating? When dieting, you need to eat more protein to decrease the amount of muscle your body catabolizes. A good suggestion (and a common one) tends to be at least one gram of protein per pound of body wieght.

Also, what kind of training are you undergoing? All of these are key elements…

This site has plenty to offer… just look on your own for a while.

I’m 14 , 5ft 8 and weigh around 12 stone, i go to the gym about twice a week, go on the treadmill for 10 mins, then on the rower for 10 mins , then on the stepper for 10 mins, then back on the rower for 10 mins then back on the treadmill, get home have something to eat then just use dumbells and other things. I’m male , my lower legs seem pretty lean and my my upper body/shoulders seem in a good shape,

What are the best things to have as a breakfast? and as a meal? , i don’t eat too much meat, i have alot of veg and alot of potato meals such as jacket potato with tuna etc.

I want to get to around 10 stone, i have the motivation, i just want the extra advice on things

The most important thing it to eat more often, you can’t eat twice a day and expect to have a good body composition. You should be eating 6+ times a day, even if it’s just some peanuts or a glass of milk. Also, I would suggest dropping the soy for real milk.

The second most important thing is to lift heavy while you’re at the gym. You might not want to look like a bodybuilder, but having muscle will not only make you look better but increase your metabolism, making it easier to stay lean while eating like a man.


Read this thread:


If you don’t understand anything that you read there THEN come back and ask questions.

All the questions you have asked so far are answered on there.

There is no point in us answering your questions one by one now when you could be building up a solid base of knowledge by reading some articles.