Help Getting My Nephew on a Program

Mr. Thibaudeau,

My Nephew is 12 years old/200 lbs./over 50% body fat and needs your help. Please email me or contact me somehow so I can get him on a meal/workout program that will save his life. He is constantly getting made fun of at school, bullied by the children who are making fun of the way he looks, and he’s a very bright child that deserves a chance just like any other.

However, his future is threatened because of his body-weight and the way he is treated on a daily basis. Please help save this child’s life and others that may be affected by this obesity that many children are faced with. The last research that I looked at had the childhood obesity rate increasing by 26% since the year 2000. Please help save this child’s life.

Thanks for all you do on here and I hope you truly listen and respond to this cry for help.

Mr. Roatsey

Does he have a specific medical condition that makes him this fat?

Or is this just a case where the kid is eating junk food and would lose most a lot of the weight if he stopped? And what are the parents doing? They shouldn’t be keeping ANY junk food in the house and if he’s buying junk food himself then take away his money. Has he even tried any sort of exercise?

Cut out the refined sugars, thats probably his biggest problem. I kicked a 3 can a day mt dew habit a couple years back and lost weight immediately (losing 500 cals of sugar per day will do that).

Get him obsessed with bodybuilding.

since u havent been getting much good feedback, ill step in. as a former pudgy kid, i got made fun of when i was in middle school and can empathize with your nephew. giving up sweets is huge and will help with overall body health as well as with weight control. I would take a few simple action steps to help your nephew out.
-The only liquid he should be consuming is water (you would be amazed how many calories this will drop)
-Have him eat a fairly large, healthy breakfast, think protein and fiber (i generally have a bowl of high fiber cereal like raisin bran and a protein shake)
-Get him involved with sports and i he doesnt like sports, have him do some sort of physical activity everyday even if its only a 20-30 minute walk (getting involved in football was one of the best decisions i ever made)
-Pack lunches instead of having him raid the snack bar at school (fruit and sandwitches were the norm for me)
-Cook a healthy dinner and keep him away from late night snacks

For a kid that large, a diet plan wont help much, he needs a lifestyle change and that starts at home. If all there is to eat is healthy foods, he will learn to eat healthier.

I wish him the best!!!