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Help Getting My Cut Together

I am not experienced with cutting though I have gained some good mass over the past 8 months while staying pretty lean.

I think my routine is good. Five day split. 9 to 12 sets per body part. 6 - 12 reps.
Day 1: Chest
Day 2: Shoulders
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Back
Day 5: Arms
Day 6: Legs
Day 7: Rest

For cario I was thinking HIIT in the morning. COuld you point me to some routines.

For nutrition I am about 12 or 13 percent BF. I can see my abs pretty well. I’m 185 lbs with some pretty good mass. Trying to get into single digits. COuld some people point me too some good cut diet. Also I dont realy like eggs so if people could suggest replacements for breakfast. Also what should my caloric intake be about with my weight and BF?

Cardio. Is HIIT in the morning good. Could you point me too some HIIT routines?

Lastly supplements.

COuld you list supplements in order of importence for cutting. Creatine and BCAAs i would think would be 1 and 2.

Wow, you do chest on monday. Total shocker.

Anyway, here’s an article from Christian Thibaudeau that I would use if fat loss was my primary goal.

As for diet, you need to accurately list your daily diet so we can determine what may need changing.

Haha come on Doug, give the guy a break yuo know you used to do chest on Monday too. OP, check out that article it’s good. Personally I’d say bulk up more so you don’t look like a skinny kid with abs when you cut.

I started at 185 my last cut and went down to 167 to be at 7% bodyfat or so and honestly I just felt small and weak and didn’t have the greatest of builds. So now I’m back to bulking and plan on bulking to 200 or so (191 now) and than cutting back down to about 180 for spring break and summer of next year. Just my thoughts on that.

I don’t really haveacut diet together. Over the last year I’ve just been eating clean and gaining weight (mostly muscle). I would like some help getting my caloric requiremnts down and developing a cut diet and supp regimin.


You’re not providing the info needed to make improvements, which is an accurate log of what you’re currently eating. Eat like you usually do while keeping a log for the next few days, and then post it.

I don’t count calories because i was trying to gain mass but here goes. 6 meals about every 3 hours

1 or 2 packets of oatmeal
protein shake or lean meat
1 tsp. almond butter

turkey sandwich w/ lots of turkey
figs, plum, apple, or another piece of fruit (1 piece)
a few nuts

pre workout, oatmeal + skim milk, fruit

4:15 - 4:30
post workout, shake or muscle milk carton

sashimi (no rice) or chicken with veggies

cotage cheese or skim milk before bed

i think the diet is decent but i need to calculate calorie stuff to cut from like 12% to 6 - 8%

i’d say maybe add a meal in at 11, then push lunch back too 1 and your set

Yeah but the whole point of this thread is that I want some advice on calorie intake, some tweaking for my foods, and some supplement advice because I have never cut befroe.

Think small adjustments. Take one or two of those meals with carbs and drop the carbs. Substitute in more healthy fat and see what happens.

[quote]Doug Adams wrote:
Think small adjustments. Take one or two of those meals with carbs and drop the carbs. Substitute in more healthy fat and see what happens.[/quote]

Agreed. I usually look at the bulking and cutting phases as slight adjustments to the overall diet; if I’m looking to lose a few pounds I’ll subtract some carbs from a few meals (not your pre- or post-w.o. meals, though) and add in a little extra fat and protein.

Basically, see what works for your body. Certainy there are basic principles for good nutrition, but once you have a good diet in place (and the one you listed doesn’t look too bad) you need to experiment and see what works best for you.

As for HIIT, I personally swear by it. Twice a week is all you need, if you’d like anything more than that I’d suggest a slow jogging pace for 30-45 minutes. For a HIIT routine, try 15 minutes on an ellyptical(sp?) alternating 30 or 45 second intervals.

I like the ellyptical because you don’t have to worry about tripping on a treadmill (you’ll thank me when you get to the end of your routine) and I just don’t seem to get enough of a workout on the bike.

You sound like you’re already in pretty good shape so the 15 minutes might not be too challenging; work up to 25 minutes but I wouldn’t exceed that amount. If you’re doing any more than 25 mins. then you’re just not doing the 90% intervals hard enough.

Another option is 3-4 sprint intervals. On a treadmill this can be tough because they simply don’t go fast enough for this exercise, but anything outdoors would work. Pretty simple: do a 200-300 yard sprint; slow jog or walk for 45 seconds, repeat. Start out with 3-4 of these, then either work up the distance, work up the number of intervals, or decrease the time between sprint intervals.

Personally, for me, I love to do one day of HIIT, one day of sprint intervals, and one day of light cardio (20 mile bike, slow jog for 30 minutes, whatever)

Hope this helps, good luck with the cut.