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Help Getting Girlfriend Started


Hey ladies, i need some help. My girlfriend of 3 years is starting to worry about her weight. She used to play softball for like 12 years and has always been sort of thick (but not in a bad way at all, she didnt carry much body fat) and quit softball about a year ago. Since then, she has gained some weight, not a whole lot, though.

She doesnt need to lose a whole lot, maybe 10-15 pounds and shed be perfect. Shes started saying she wants to lose weight, so Ive tried to help her out and give her some tips about nutrition and fitness and stuff. She doesnt eat real horrible, but she could clean up her diet some. She is just unaware of whats good and whats not.

Ive tried to tell her what to do and she tries, but she kind of needs someone there to walk her through everything. So, my question is- Do you ladies know of any good books or websites or anything that are credible and could help inform her and sort of walk her through proper nutrition and how to structure a diet and how to improve her overall fitness? Responses will be greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling:


Weight Watchers.

The hold your hand and walk you through it.


Have her start a log on here and converes with the bitches or hoes from this forum. They're the best bitches and hoes ever.

Or tie her down and throw knives into her


Damn! Where were you years ago when I was needing to start my weight loss journey! That would have worked


Right right, weight loss....that's why I throw knives into people. Yea, I will go with that.

I do it in Toledo btw.


The SparkPeople community is very sweet. I don't go on there much, but they're definitely encouraging. I just read articles on here and check out the thread. Something that is really encouraging for me is buying new clothes to work out it. That is likely to help motivate her as well--be it sports bras or shorts, it all helps.


Not a lady, but could simple design a managable nutrition plan that would drop some lb's quickly. All why being healthy...fist make sure she is drinking 96 oz of water a day...That is required amount . That will help bc your body is 60% water and if its even 2% under 60% it can affet many things.