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Help getting bigger and stronger

I need some help. I got caught screwing around in gym yesterday and my teacher made me do 20 pushups as a punishment and I couldn’t even do one. Everyone laughed at me. I’m tired of being a scrawny weakling so I’m looking to get bigger and stronger. I’ve got two questions that I hope you guys can help me with. What’s the best protein powder to get stronger and what’s the best workout to get big and strong real fast. Oh, and I’m not interested in taking any drugs or steriods.

I know of a better supplement than any stupid protein powder or anything else: big weights, hard lifting & badd attitude (in the gym). + there’s a FAQ that’s written for guys just like you. Go in there & read everything.

Lift weights and read t-mag.com and drsquat.com and eat and eat and eat and then sleep repeat as needed. Also check out this site for some starter programs.
good luck

Well, you found the site, do some reading in the bask issues. Start with the FAQ, Diet Manifesto, Foods that Make You Look Good Nekid. Then start looking at some of the routines. After you’ve digested that, come back and ask some more specific questions.

well, if you can’t even do 20 pushups I am assuming that you have never seriously lifted weights before, either. And since you are a student I am assuming that you never eat breakfast b/c your just “not hungry”, right? Well kid, you need to start eating alot, even if you are full you need to just keep feeding…Read up on this site about the Skinny Bastard Diet, Massive Eating, and for training you should read the Beginner’s Blast off Program. And BTW, protein powders are only a supplement to your diet, not some type of miracle powder that is gonna have you benching 300 overnight. You need to eat a lot of protein…how much do you weigh? You need atleast 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight everyday for your body to even think about gaining muscle. Since you are so young(i’m assuming you’re in H.S. still), you have a ton of testosterone running through your body so if you are smart you can take advantage of this time while you still have it. Good luck I hope this is a little help.

How old are you. I think that there is such a thing as too young to lift weights. Have you even hit puberty. Once you can answer those questions, then you are ready to start. The way to get big from being scrawny is to eat bigand lift big. The eating part will be hard to do if you are in school. Make sure you always eat a huge breakfast. Same with lunch and dinner. Then eat when you can when you get out of scool. There are a lot of good protiens out there. Biotest has powders, eas, designer, etc. Do your research first. Commitment is another thing. And when you lift just try three days a week, for an hour or so. Alternate body parts. Read the skinny bastard article in t-mag also. Good Luck from a former skinny bastard.

Gimme your lunch money. All of it. Now. Okay, okay, just kidding. I don’t have anythin to add aside from what these guys already told you, but I was really proud of that joke. Okay, I’m done.

You can’t even do one push-up? And you’re scrawny? I don’t mean to offend you, but that is really weak. The only people that I have seen who cannot even do one push-up are people who are really really fat and have little muscle underneath. Maybe you should just work on doing push-ups and eating more.

OK TeenTitan, you asked for it. It is not your fault you have the genetics of a bitch/pussy which gave you the muscle mass of a hummingbird. However, that’s too bad cause you got it. How bad do you wanna get big? I used to wanna get big so bad that I drank a gallon of whole milke a day, ate whole blocks of cheese and ate until I honest to god could NOT EAT anymore food without puking. I remember times when I would gag when I was only half way through the meal. Guess what? It WORKED! You have to eat like a pig…no, three pigs, and you have to lift your balls off. Thats all you can do.

Start using your left hand more. You’ve probably got a strength imbalance …

Did you have any siblings that lived?