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Help Getting Abs


I’ve always put emphasis in ab trainig, i train fullboy 3 times a week and i hit my abs every session (wednesday lighter). I only do isometric ab work, weighted ab wheels, leg raises, pallof press, suit case carry…but it seems that i just can not get a GOOD LOOKING six pack (obliques too), my abs are way stronger than before though, but they haven’t grown and aren’t thick as they supposed to be with all the training i do. I do ab wheels twice a week, but looks like the muscle it hits the most is my serratus anterior, of course my abs have improved, but not much. I’m ectomorph between 8-9% body fat.
Recommnedation please or any one with a similar experience


I clearly remember Thib saying to get the best looks, you need to hypertrophy the outer wall as well, like crunching. I personally find it true as well.