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Help Get Me Out of the Gym Faster


Hi, I find myself unable to get out of the gym in a reaonable amount of time. I think for starters I need to start timing my rest periods so that I can see what it is I'm actually doing that's taking so long.

I definitely use a long warmup period as well as a lot of pre-workout stretching. I've recently started combining the two (so instead of stretch stretch stretch, wu lift, rest, wu lift, rest, etc. I stretch inbetween warmup lifts).

However, a typical workout day might have ~20 sets (3 squat, 5 leg press, 3 leg ext., 3 leg curl, 3 seated calf, 3 straight leg calf, for example). At 3 min per set/rest, that's an hour after warmup.

So question #1 is how long should I be taking in between sets? Question #2 is what can I do to get in and out in less time?



^This^ is your problem.

20 sets should only take you 45 minutes or even less. Try getting your rest periods down to 30secs. And you don't need to stretch before you work the muscle. Do your warm ups, lift, then go home and stretch while you watch the news if you want to get out of the gym.


So just so that I understand you, are you saying that 30s rest between sets is good for bodybuilding?


[quote]JLone wrote:
And you don't need to stretch before you work the muscle./quote]

I would change that to you MAY not need to stretch before you work the muscle, no way I'm squatting to depth without stretching the fuck out of my hips and cows.


Lifting weights, does not a bodybuilder make.
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30sec is good for people bitching about being at the gym too long.


I would say "warming up" is necessary, stretching is not. Stretching can actually decrease the strength potential in muscle fibers. I always warm up. I see some of the most out of shape people in the gym stretching the most.


I 100% agree with the Prof.


don't worry about how long you're taking in the gym... unless you have other places to be... your actual lifting is taking about an hour which is fine


If it was taking 3 hours and you still looked like crap, then I could see worrying.

I've known people who trained for 3 hours at a time who looked more developed than most here. Would I tell them to stop? Hell no.


I did read a study that observed the same study it was done on a 1RPM on leg extension, stretching was done immediately before the leg extension. No idea who it was by though sorry...

I have seen no real evidence that it will impact on strenth, if someone is spending time stretching and doing less strength work as a consequence then you can argue the point I guess.

Come on you're smarter than that, people being fat and weak is nothing to do with stretching - it's because their weak willed, lazy and not willing to put the effort in the gym and the kitchen.


Then you don't get out much.


I've been posting about this since I was still in dental school. I've posted more studies than you can count on the subject in that time period. This is just the first that popped up. I don't plan on wasting hours redoing the same shit.

The same is seen in cardiac muscle as well. Stretching decreases strength potential.


New research has shown that static stretching decreases eccentric strength for up to an hour after the stretch. Static stretching has been shown to decrease muscle strength by up to 9% for 60 minutes following the stretch and decrease eccentric strength by 7% followed by a specific hamstring stretch. (4)


Now, anyone still telling you stretching is a MUST after all of this is misinformed.

Yeah, just because we lift weights it doesn't make us stupid.


Nice attitude as always man!

Additionaly how does not going out correlate with staying in reading studies? Try again.

It involved a lot more stretching than anyone is doing, 13 stretches of 135 s each over 33 mins. Who is doing that?

Am not asking you to provide any further studies so calm down dear


I didn't see either of these points being in question.


Yeah it's pretty uncontroversial that static stretching before strength training is not ideal.


Dude, you are flat out wrong on this. You can cry about my "attitude" all you wish. If my goal is optimal growth in strength and muscle mass, I am keeping stretching far removed from weight lifting. The first studies showing this were done in the 90's. Don't get mad because you missed it until now.


I always stretch before I lift for about 5-10 minutes and it makes me stronger. when I squat I have to stretch my chest to get under the bar, and when I bench I have to stretch my quads for my leg drive. :slight_smile:

OP. I have found the fastest way for me to get warm is some type of plyos. After that I can do 2-3 warmup sets that are close to my working set weights and be fine. It is also my least favorite way to warm up. I prefer to take my time and do a lot of light sets working up to the working sets


I was going to mention that this has been around forever like you've stated.

If you going to do any type of stretching beforehand it will be dynamic/ ballistic stretching.


....which means you may as well just warm up with a lighter weight while going through the full range of motion.


Evidence? I thought the idea was widely accepted at this point.

Why would a weight lifter want to make his joints hypermobile then load them?