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Help, Genetic Chicken Legs

I’m 18, I wrestled all through high school. I got seriously into lifting last year. I have a good upper body, but my legs are lacking. Every male in my family has skinny legs. Like, small boned legs. I never squatted much due to a blown disc injury I got in wrestling but now I am starting to squat & deadlift more. I know squats are an overall lower body mass builder, but my calves are just puny. The only burn I can actually feel in the back of my calves is when I do the seated calf press on the leg press machine.

Every other calf exercise feels like im working my damn ankles and the muscle right by my shin bone. No matter how low i drop my heels I cannot get a pump or burn in the back of my calves. Is there a common mistake that I’m doing or what can I do to help develop my calves??

For your calves its not about how much of a stretch you get in the bottdom but how hard and long you contract in the top. Try a standing valve raise with or with out weight and perform 20 reps up to your tip toes hold for 2 count lower slow into a deep stretch and explode back up to the tip toe position. As high and hard as possible. Perform every Rep this way if you do not feel it in Your calves its because someone chopped off your legs from the knee down and you have prosthetics and just don’t know it.

Thanks, I will try that tomorrow.