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Help. Gear "Inbound into Customs" for Over a Week

Placed an order from a very reputable international lab.

I’ve never had any issues with them before as far as ordering goes, fairly fast delivery and packaging is super discreet.

However this time, my package has been sitting “inbound into customs” for about 9 days. This is very odd as it usually sits there for a day or so and continues on its way to my door.

I am litterally sweating bullets. This was extra gear for my next cycle, so I’m not too worried about the timing. However I’ve been reading horror stories on different forums from dudes who’ve had agents come to the door, controlled deliveries, and letters sent to their house (and their name/ address entered into a Fed database).

I know I should always order domestic, but I don’t have a good source. So that option wasn’t available for me.

Has anyone had the same experiance with desirable results? Or is it all just bad news bears from this point on? I just don’t want to end up in trouble with the law for using a little gear ya know.

This time of year customs takes longer to clear packages. If something is coming from China—the origin of 99.9% of the fentynal that’s killing hundreds of people every day—then customs is going to scrutinize it a bit more heavily. Things have tightened up lately and that’s probably going to be the new normal.

If you get a letter from customs telling you to come pick up the package or its being held, do not attempt to retrieve it. Consider it a loss. In fact, all gear purchases should be willing to be lost. Its the price we pay.

Some labs will re-ship if their package is intercepted. You might reach to your source and see what they say.


On a micro level yes, it’s just a little gear. On a macro level, well, you’re importing scheduled drugs into the country and using the United States Postal Service to fraudulently obtain said scheduled drugs. Sometimes we forget how dangerous this is.

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Gotta find someone domestic. Trouble is they all come and go so fast that it’s hard to rely on that sort of thing. But it’s an illegal business, so I suppose it’s bound to be difficult.

I can’t comment on the USA’s procedures, but where I live, a long time in customs = you are about to get raided by the authorities. I would move or get rid of anything in your house that you shouldn’t legally have, esp’ needles, partly used vials or vials for your next cycle. Also make sure you have to sign on to this site manually rather than automatically each session. Your computer could be seized and scrutinised and used as evidence against you.

Your order is pretty small, so you might only get a letter. The legislation in most western countries is pretty over the top, so there is potential to get into a lot of trouble if they want to put you through the wringer.

One of the few pros for living in the UK for me then. Hope everything goes well op.

Really? I’ve heard of tons of people having their orders seized here. They just get a letter, if they’re ordered a lot (say 1000$+ worth) they’ll get raided, however if it’s a vial or two no one is really going to take the effort to raid you, unless it’s weapons, explosives or they believe the individual is going to sell/ has a traffickable amount or material that could harm someone.

IV had packages seized coming from out of country that did not involve gear and the most I got was a letter saying to come pick up from my local post office hub needless to say I did not. This was also many many years ago before this opiate epidemic… I would suggest using a p.o. Box not in your name for any future purchases. And as far a reputable domestic vendors there is 2 amazing ones right now with over 5 years of business and thousands of sales/feedback… I don’t belive I can name them on this thread

Any news?

I know vendors/ugl can not be named on this forum I’m not entirely sure if we can list other website forums. I know there is a thread containing people’s Instagram accounts so il list mine (dmvlife4444) I’m not sure if I can list email or not. @Chris_Colucci?

Just put one of you’re emails in you’re account description, that’s what I’ve done. Therefore one can contact you (and it’s a little bit more difficult to access to email as one has to click on an individual profile thus making the chance of scammers contacting you with false info slightly less likely.




Nope. Like unreal said, the best bet is to put your email in your profile.

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Best advice is to stay off of any of the source boards. There are several and they get paid by sources to advertise and also just so happen to have moderators recommending the products. There’s one non-source board that has a whole ubderground section dedicated to vetting sources, both new and established, and it’s uncensored. That’s your best bet to find what you’re looking for.

I say look at it this way: T-Nation isn’t WalMart. You can’t find everything under one roof here. This is a men’s suit store. If you want printer ink and paper towels you need to go to one of the other forums that offers one-stop shopping. But if you want a suit this is the place.

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That was a great analogy. Yes I personally have found these other forums that mention websites etc to either be complete rip offs or coming from bum fuck Asia somewhere with a good chance of never seeing anything except a loss of funds. I would never order gear from a “trusted” site. I would also be hesitant about buying gear off the guy at the gym who is recommending a cycle for you. Thankfully with technology these days there is places to shop where there is a great group and people get independent lab work done on the gear purchased and post in forum that way your not left wondering if your gear is under dosed etc etc

yeah that whole section is full of assholes also but they do grill sources for the good

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Yea there’s this one board (I’m sure you know of it) that AGGRESSIVELY pushes SARMS, and there’s been an influx of guys coming on here that are like

Hey guys I’ve been training for two and a half days and I think I’m ready for a cycle, this is the cycle

Test E 400mg/wk (1-10)
Ostarine 20mg/day (1-10)
Lgd-4033 5mg/day (1-10)
Cardarine (insert dose and duration)
S4 (insert dose and duration)
Exemestane (insert dose and duration)

I mean, nothing against sarms, literature shows they work (but are associated with similar changes in bloodwork compared to AAS), but it’s just a meme because these guys have clearly gone to a mod on the forum and gone like “what cycle should I run” and then the mod responds “take this, this this and this, but ONLY from dorpfloopity.com because all other sources are shit”

Then there’s the problem that cardarine was abandoned as a potential therapeutic agent for ANYTHING due to its high carcinogenic potential… Marketing that to anyone is irresponsible and immoral

how’s their malva pudding?

Not as good, you see I only like malva pudding from florpDOOPITY.com, any mulva pudding from a different source is actually just styrofoam that’s been coloured to look like malva pudding.

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