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Help Gauging Body Fat

Been bulking for a while but school is getting in the way so im debating cutting or just maintaining. Problem is i cant really gauge my body fat. It’s somewhere between 15 and 20 but its hard to tell.
I would appreciate if you couod help me out. (If it helps im 160 and want to have similar aesthetics to floyd mayweather eventually.)

Knowing the number will not change how you look.

Do you want to be less fat right now? If so: lose fat. Do you want to be more muscular? If so: gain muscle.

I’ve never needed to know my bodyfat to make those decisions.


This answer could end all of these threads. Best answer.

I would add: Do you want to look more muscular? If so, lose fat.


This is so true. Every time a muscular guys goes on a diet, he’s inevitably told “dude, mad gainz”
“no bro, no gainz, just shedding the fat off”


Always, the only time I get told I look like I’ve ‘put on some decent size’ is when I drop 10lb.