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Help Gaining Muscle


Im a skinny bitch who has been working out for fucking years and still a skinny cunt fucking help me before i blow my brain out than to rather live a shameful life as a skinny fuck !

I train hard as fuck 6x6-9 per muscle group
Bench, Dead lifts, Bent Rows, Over head press
I eat fucking clean as shit, 200 plus grams of protein a day stick to the anabolic diet 100%

i try sooo fucking hard for years now !!! is it just genetics ? should i just take roids ?
ive mega bulked i just get fat, ive eatten strict calculated cals per day just stay the same weight grown like 1-2kgs of muscle a year

1RMs are Bench 265lbs, Deads 290lbs, Bent row 220lbs, over head press 210lbs

FUCK !!!




I think he set the record for the number of times an OP has used the F word in a post.




Im confused. Is he saying that his diet isnt clean ? I mean he is comparing it to shit.



Serious ? Why are you wasting everyones time and posting crap like this? The numbers you are listing smells of B.S.. .... 210 lb over head press but only a 290 dead? But yet your able to do a 220 bent row.



he's 2006.

prob just bored




fuck off cunt, all those numbers are real, i got back issues so my deadlift suffers
your a fucking trol, fuck you nigga !




LOL . Yeah what ever. You can do a bent row with 220. Yeah that doesnt cause any torque on ones spine. So your back must not be to bad. Oh my you called me a bad name. How ever will I get on with my life. yawn


my hip flexors are tight as fuck and hurt when i dead alot, my SPINE is fucking perfect cunt. u must be a weak cunt to find those numbers alarming.... fuck you


::waits for tnationjesus to arrive::

u r in so much trouble now judas !


lulz @ your blacked out nipples in your pics


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what is it with aussies and being weird?


I dunno dude but I know a few aussies.

One is in his mid 20's and doesn't even know the difference between two, to, and too and is also pretty monotone and doesn't know a real Australian accent when he hears it.

The second is the whitest Australian ever, this guy has to really convince you he's a native because of his skin color. I think he goes around posing as bouncers at night clubs wearing nice blazers to pick up girls. Last time I heard his girl or ex girl or something got mad at him for catching up on his adult cinematography.

The third is this lawyer guy with a shaggy head of hear and a fine ginger for a wife or fiance or something. It's funny though because I thought his wife was this other guy I know, but not because the girl is ugly, just because I find the other guy so attractive. We just got some nice new cell phone shots on facebook and I've been busy fapping.

Anyway all in all my Aussy experience has been above average I guess. None of them play rugby, sigh. None of them tell me 'now this is a knife!' when I show them my knife, sigh. None of them has ever said crikey or are criminals (as far as I know but I got my eye on one of them), sigh. I gotta visit one day but I'll wait til these guys are established and mature (re: rich and can pay for shit) but until then it's just water under the bridge baby!


What color are their nipples, Mr Mike?


To be honest I've only seen two of them... I take that back, I've seen them all BUT....but the third one totally freaked out on my and started wailing on me and was tossin' the shrimp from the barbie at my head and the next thing I know the fucker wings a burning coal right at my dome and I don't remember anymore. That's the one screwing Alison Tricept.

The second one, Mr. TwoTooTo has some really nice nips actually. Might have a real good career in male porn or maybe even in the boobless leather vest industry (if there is such an industry, you can't tell with Australia) so every time I catch a peak at those divine dinner plates I take it all in. He got mad though one when I went in for a taste but can you blame him? I didn't even ask.

Casper the friendly Australian doesn't have nipples I don't think. He's got a real nice smile though so I guess it makes up for it. To be honest it all just blends in like a white guy in a snow storm cumming on a slice of white bread with a reeeaaalll bad case of smegma, ya know?


Yea, I figured.

Any other australians wear pasties on their nipples on a regular basis?