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Help from the Pros?

I have been lifting weights for about 8 years on and off, only two very seriously however. I was hoping for any suggestions or advice. I am currently 25, I weigh 190-195 lbs, am 6 foot and around 10% BF. My goal for the past two years has been to be 200 lbs and 5% BF. I have been training the last 6 months leading up to a trip Im going on in exactly two weeks. I’ve been attempting to get more cuts and generally lose body fat while maintaining my muscle during this time.

Not only have I seemed to stall out completely, but I’ve noticed that whether Im bulking or cutting, my fat and muscle gain/loss seem to be nearly exact. Another problem i notice is when I start cutting, i immediately lose an inch off my arms, even before I lose any noticable subcutaneous fat on my abs or pecs. While bulking it seems to be the same thing…any muscle I add, seems to be matched with a similar amount of fat.

I really just want to lower my body fat while consequently increasing mass and seperation and have been having little success…maybe Im just being impatient, but I feel as though my effort isnt being matched with results.

I always lift upon waking as I know my test and gh levels are at their highest in my wakeful day then. One nutritional strategy I have tried was waking up, consuming whey isolate + creatine with 10-15 grams of simple carbs, lifting, coming home and immediately consuming around 50 grams of protein, half whey isolate, half casein with around 50 grams of simple carbs and creatine. The remainder of the day I would only get my carbs from things like yams, brown rice etc while getting a minimum of 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight spread out through 5-6 meals a day. My problem was i think that large insulin spike was adding fat so I stopped doing that.

The past 7 weeks or so, I have been carb cycling with three days, high, low and no carbs. The only carbs I ever eat are things like brown rice, yams, vegetables etc. I mainly get my protein from beef, chicken, salmon, and powders. I have been eating fruits on my high and low carb days and a lot of green vegetables on my no carb day. I am still getting at least 1 gram of protein/ lb of body weight, consume the same amount of protein in shakes before and after lifting but no longer consume any simple carbs as I seem to be sensitive to them.

Before bed, I also consume around 50 grams of casein with about 6 grams of fish oil. I have also been experimenting with avant labs sesathin. I have not been taking a multivitamin, which i realize is a huge mistake, but i just bought one yesterday and am now taking them regularly.

My lifting routine is a 5 day split mon-fri taking sat and sunday off: chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs. Sometimes I wonder if I have been overtraining, I am almost always in the gym for 1.5 hours, sometimes slightly longer. I always start each exercise with a 15 rep warm up, then increase the weight and drop the reps to 10-12, then 8-10 then heavier with 6 reps. Most days consist of around 16-20 sets.

I dont regularly do cardio. I have also been battling injuries lately, as my strength dropped off pretty quickly from cutting and yet I was still attempting to increase my weights like an idiot.

I realize this is a lot of bs info to read through, but I figured if someone actually wanted to give any advice, they should have the pertinent information as well. For those of you that read all the way through it and have some ideas, thank you very much for any suggestions you may have and the time you spent reading my novel.

BF:10% (hhmmm how many times we heard that one)

So basically you cant put on muscle without putting on fat and you want to know how ???

How long after you wake up do you lift ??

For all the good the supposed “high test and gh” you have to wait at LEAST 2 1/2 3 hrs before your CNS is fully awake :slight_smile:

As for when your cutting and you lose 1" off your arms, if you negate carbs then yes you will lose water weight… and stop
measuring your arms every day !

As for

Far to many people “bulk” for 2 weeks— cut for 2 weeks and continue on the retarded cycle and get NO WHERE
You have to pick ONE… if you want 200 lbs at 5%bf you need to get to around 220-225 … and your at 195 at most !
So which is it you want to do ??
Get to 5% or get to 220 ???
We cant help you till YOU make a decision AND STICK WITH IT FOR MONTHS ON END !

As for your lifting:

5 day split
Wednesday- Shoulders
Thursday- Arms
Friday- Legs.

Erm you do realize your poor shoulders are getting CRUCIFIED with that workout ???

Make do:

Monday -Chest/Back
Tuesday -Legs/Abs
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Arms

Maybe that will sort you out some bit. Your crucifing your upper body putting it on 4 days in a row along with your shoulders.

Well thats your ESSAY sumarised :))

So besides that can you posts your current NUTRITION and w/o PROGRAM.

Thats all we really need :))

AND make a decision before you post again, which master you want to worship

A)Gaining Weight
B)Losing B/F



Also im just doing weight lifting for a year, so im FAR from a pro but ill do what i can until someone better comes along :slight_smile:

I’m not a pro, but i did notice a few things right off the bat. For one you probably are over training, you could try 2 sessions a day to keep your work out under an hour. As far as losing body fat you will probably have to do some cardio, or circuit train to keep heart rate up.

As far as diet and strength go, it sounds like your diet is very consistent, maybe too consistent. your body will adapt to low carb, and your high carb days don’t sound that high. Try a cheat day or a totally different diet. Also you said nothing about fat except for fish oil, you need to eat fat to keep your testosterone production up. it’s base is cholesterol. plus your body won’t want to burn fat if it’s not taking any in. finally your training.

If you have been training like that for 2 years it is probably time to change it up. I Won’t try to lay out a whole format, but there many good programs on this site. also in a singe work out maybe you could stick to lower reps, higher weights and be more consistent for strength, or lower weights more reps, instead of trying to hit it all. It sounds like you are trying to go in to many directions at once and getting nowhere fast. maybe one of the pro’s can critique my advice, and we could both learn something. Good luck, enjoy your trip, take it easy.

also ole corky’s right about the split. After Tuesday’s workout (3 hours on upper body in two days) your upper body is toast, the rest is just pissing away what precious little gains you made the first two days.

Thanks for the quick responses guys, I really appreciate the advice. My end goal down the road is to be 200 lbs and 5% BF. My goal over the past 7 weeks was to simply drop some body fat for my upcoming trip to Georgia. I understand that it is very difficult if not usually impossible to add lean muscle mass AND drop body fat at the same time, I was simply pointing that at the end of the day I need to do both, not implying I was trying to do both simultaneously. I think you’re right, about my high carb day…there’s no way even on my high carb day I am getting more than 300 grams of carbs.

I get atleast 200 grams of protein each day and sometimes as high as 250 grams. I don’t track my fat intake at all. The only fats I get are by way of fish oil, whatever is in the meat I’m eating, and when I cook things in peanut oil. I have been lifting seriously for 2 years and about 6 months on this current lifting program. I also lift about 1.5 hours after I wake up.

Again where is your workout and nutrition for us to see :slight_smile:
Untill then we are just guessing, not much help to you.
And you still sound un-certain, you REALLY need to make up your mind, or 2 years from now you will STILL be in the same place.

My diet and nutrition is arranged as follows:

Monday: chest, high carb, Tuesday: back, no carb, Wednesday: shoulders, low carb, Thursday: arms, no carb, Friday: legs, high carb, Saturday: off, no carb, Sunday: off, low carb.

High Carb Days: Every two to three hours I consume 40 grams of protein, once that requirement is fulfilled for four out of the six meals I eat all the carbs I like, permitting theyre low glycemic index carbs/complex carbs, as well as a small piece of fruit.

Low Carb Day: Same as above, but only three of the six meals per day can contain carbs and can contain no more than 65 grams of carbs = about 1 gram of carbs per pound of body weight. I also eat a small piece of fruit with those three meals.

No Carb Day: Pure protein, 40 grams every 2-3 hours and a lot of green vegetables.

I’ll get my protein from various sources of chicken, beef, protein powders obviously, salmon, eggs. I also never eat any carbs with my last meal before I go to sleep.

Chest day is as follows: flat dumbbell bench: first set is 15-20 reps, second is 10-12, third is 8-10 and fourth is 6. Next is incline DB bench press, same set and rep numbers. Next is incline cable flies, same as above and last is pullovers, same as above.

Back day: weighted pullups, behind neck, same arrangement of sets and reps as above. Palms facing cable pulldowns using the bar with camber, same sets and reps, bent over rows, same as above and last I do deadlifts, first is a warmup set of 15, then 10, then 6 then 4.

Shoulders: standing military presses behind neck, 15-20 reps, 10-12 reps, 8-10 and 6 reps. Then I do seated dumbbell military presses same sets and reps as above. Then dumbbell lateral raises, same as above, bent over dumbbell lateral raises, same as above. Then heavy upright rows, a set of 10, 6, then 4. Then I do heavy push presses, set of 6 , 4 then 2.

Arms: Standing Barbell Curls sets with reps of 15, 10, 8 and 6. Cable preacher curls, same as above, seated alternating dumbbell curls, same as above. Weighted dips, same as above, laying DB skull crushers, same as above, reverse grip cable pressdowns, same as above, then I do forearm work.

Legs: Squats sets of 15 reps, 10, 8 and 6. Leg presses, same as squats with sets and reps. Single leg leg presses, same as above. Leg curls, same as above, leg extensions, same as above, straight legged deadlift, sets of 10, 6 and 4. Good mornings, sets of 10, 6 and 4. Barbell calf raises, single leg calf raises holding a db, lunge position single leg calf raises, seated calf raises and finally toe raises all around 8-15 reps.

I also do ab work about every other day.

Also, right now, I simply want to get cut up.

I hope this is what you were asking for, thanks again.

Im a pro, but Im not gonna help you.


A pro what…eater? Not looking for help from someone such as yourself anyway. Im not interested in being 350 lbs and ??? % body fat as you indicate. Quite happy being 190 and able to see my sausage and feet.

Pro bbers = pro-eaters. I hope you are aware of that. And please check the profile of whoever you were flaming before expecting any help from the members of this site.

[quote]Hostile wrote:
A pro what…eater? Not looking for help from someone such as yourself anyway. Im not interested in being 350 lbs and ??? % body fat as you indicate. Quite happy being 190 and able to see my sausage and feet.[/quote]

Weight: 320
Height: 6"2
Body fat %: ??

I did…I dont consider being overweight with high body fat an admirable trait. I also don’t appreciate being disrespected by a 17 year old child. I asked for help, not being shit talked, is that above your head? Also if you read any of what I said above, Im currently trying to cut…so me being a pro eater right now isn’t pertinent is it?

Youre in the wrong thread…you insulted someone who is on the verge of setting a national record for his weight and age group in the squat and deadlift and who has put on more muscle mass in the span he has been lifting than most others on the site.

If you still want to receive any help, please apologize to whoever you insulted, then post this on “BEGINNERS” or simply visit bodybuilding.com. You’ll get much more help there.
Trust me, I;m being nice.

lol, it was a joke, a joke out of boredom at that.

Your right, the only thing I know anything about is being fat. Let me know if your goal is ever to be fat like me tho, I can give you some coupons for fast food or something.

Do you need to be refreshed to his response to my post? Appologize for what? Having integrity? haha sorry. His post was completely off base with the topic of the post I made and disrespectful, I’m not appologizing, I don’t care if hes Mariusz Pudzianowski, I’m not going to let someone hijack an innocent thread.

So do me a favor and fuck off if you have nothing useful to contribute. I created this topic for honest help and advice, not to be joked around with, maybe youre right then, perhaps I am posting in the wrong forum altogether if this is the help I can expect to receive here. I appologize to anyone else who is reading this and was just curious about the post.

Fuck it, you were going to get a response from me but I dont feel like helping you if youre going to be an asshole.

You two are so distorted if me defending myself can be considered being an asshole, so thanks. Im not going to kiss someones ass, sorry. If you read above, youll notice I am exceptionally polite when people are polite to me. If I get attacked or am told to tuck my tail, I tend to do the opposite…would you just submit when someone is being a wise ass AND not being helpful? I stand by what I said, Id prefer to get help from people familiar with my situation anyway.

Hopefully you guys can contact some more people to post saying they were going to help but no longer will because Im a dick to further make the point you want to drill into me. Thanks again to anyone else willing to read through this and offer some advice.

Shut the fuck up you sound like a winey little girl.

Hey, help a poor pothead out, brah! A couple of coupons is worth nothing. Loosen your mama’s purse strings a little for us…

[quote]Mega Newb wrote:
lol, it was a joke, a joke out of boredom at that.

Your right, the only thing I know anything about is being fat. Let me know if your goal is ever to be fat like me tho, I can give you some coupons for fast food or something.


Really? the part where he wanted “cuts” didn;t set you off?

So hows the “suck” coming along? SH? Did you get back home…and oh! happy birthday.

[quote]Stronghold wrote:
Fuck it, you were going to get a response from me but I dont feel like helping you if youre going to be an asshole.[/quote]