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Help from the Knowledgable!!


As there seems to be no sign of life in my other Third Cycle Proposal thread, I am going to repost the questions I need answering here.

If hCG was left over-night or couple of days in a car or fridge, and it froze, would it be good to go after thawing? Will the molecule still be intact as opposed to being denatured in the heat?
Also, Im 19, shut down quite hard off a test/tren/winny cycle, thinking of increasing my cycle from 14weeks to 20? Any vets want to chime in, risk of shutting down permanantly?
For the record, I havent used any hCG as yet, Ive been reading on the net and some people say frozen hCG is good to go, others say your fucked.
Ive been Tri-test (600mg/wk), Tri-tren (900mg/wk) for the past 9-10weeks.
Now im on Tren ace 50mg/d, test p 50mg/d and winny 50mg/d, the switch was to get the long "tri" esters out of my system.


.....Youre 19, and also-you dont seem to have read very much on this site. The 'vets' here dont usually waist their time with those that dont find these answers-as in the cycle question. Youre 19, and running a cycle of that length and asking if its good to increase to 20 weeks? I would call troll but ive seen you here posting before..You cant be serious with this. If youre worried about shut down stop the cycle and do your best to recover(PCT)-dont increase the time on lmao.

You should know the answer to that question. About the hcg I donno.


Stop using steroids as quickly and safely as possible. Look at your body... You should be a lot more muscular. Anyways...

Stop using steroids, learn to train and eat, add another 35-40lbs of muscle and come back here. You are coming off as a total 'chode' and as a prime example of why these drugs are illegal. You are resorting to them WAY too SOON in your life/training; and are now in over your head. Drop the tren, run the test a little longer, drop the the test, run the winny a little longer and then start up with serms. Throw the HCG in there starting now and stop running it shortly AFTER YOU BEGIN your serm pct...

and dont do any more steroids until you are bigger, faster, and stronger naturally and at the age of 24-25+.



Yet again, my question has not been fucking answered.
"If hCG was left over-night or couple of days in a car or fridge, and it froze, would it be good to go after thawing? Will the molecule still be intact as opposed to being denatured in the heat?"
I did not ask wether I am old enough to be taking steroids or not, and Im not "in over my head", Ive run this cycle successfully so far without any side-effects (touch wood), so before dropping your smart-ass comments take a second to look at what the inital thread was referring to. I did not ask for a lecture about my age in regards to AAS.
I can give a little thanks to DaJa for attempting to answer the shut down question but there aswell I was talking about permanent shut down not temporary shut down while on cycle.


The shut down question was asking if I could face a huge risk of permananent shut down running that extra 6 weeks of cycle from 14 weeks to 20 weeks even if I ran my pct as good as can be.


Re-read my post. Sir. I didnt specify permanant or temp shutdown. But yes you could risk being shutdown severly for the rest of your life. Lets say your natty levels are around 800, after you come off dont be suprised if your down to 500-600(being on for 20 weeks with harsh drugs like tren). At the age of 19-20 that is a huge loss-could end up on trt by your 30's if your stupidity continues. BUT you 'might' not even risk anything. Your levels might return just fine after pct-wether right after pct or a year after pct ends.

Also-my first post clearly sys about the hcg "I donno". I never once mentioned you are too young for AAS, although most will say you are. All I said was you are 19, and risking problems earlier in life. Im in no possition to speak about people being too young-I started at 21.

Seriousely where the fk did you see me say "umm you may get shutdown while on cycle"? Use your head, and read carefully. And when youre finished reading others' posts, think about how youre gonna reply.

Dont expect me to spoon feed you my opinion anymore. Good luck on 'forcing' people to feed you their opinions


No one knows the answer to this, fuckwit.

It COULD happen. You COULD be alright.


Alright my bad on the most part.
But still, no thoughts on frozen hCG by anyone?