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Help From Magic The Gathering Geeks: How to Sell Cards?

My sister is going through the effects of my late brother-in-law and there are a bunch of Magic cards. Any pointers on how to sell them? What’s the best way? She a single mom now with two kids.

Most money is going to be to sell individual cards. A buddy of mine basically got back what he had into them selling individually on Ebay. IMO, you will get more from Ebay than selling them to a hobby shop.

You could go through and pick out just the expensive cards and sell them on Ebay, and then sell the not as desired cards as a lot.

If she has good cards, they are worth money and worth selling if you don’t use them. Magic has somehow been able to keep the value of the cards high for decades. I don’t think other cards in that genre have held value consistently like magic have.

I have no idea what is worth what. Any resources to figure that out would be helful. Also, economy of time plays into it depending on how much difference in money we’re talking about.

I have only played a couple times. I do know my buddy made his money back on Ebay. I know a card called the black lotus is worth a lot of money. After that, I am guessing. A pile of cards like that could be worth tens of thousands or hundreds depending on what is in it.

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The oldest Magic cards have the highest value. Like Ben mentioned, a “Black Lotus” from the '93 edition could be worth $100,000.

In your photos I’m seeing a bunch of “revised edition” cards from '94. Several individual cards from that series are worth $100-200. I see a box of Revised “Booster Packs” (unopened, sealed packages of 15 cards). If there are unopened packs in that Brown box, they are worth $150-175 each.

I also see a green card called “Willow Satyr,” that goat legged guy. That card is worth like $60. It’s from a another set from '94 called “Legends.” Other cards from the Legends set are valued at $200-300.

It looks like there is Definitely some value in that collection. I’m not an expert on selling collectable stuff, but I would take a minute to get more info before I sold it all off cheap.

The shoe boxes are probably full of almost worthless “common” cards.

I based on your photos, I bet there is some Good shit in those clear, hinged plastic boxes.


Thanks, I appreciate that.

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The thing to remember with stuff like this is that something is always worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Like someone already mentioned, ebay’ing the individual cards will probably get you the most money overall.

You can contact bulk sellers as well. There’s one that operates a storefront in Maine. If anyone will take it off your hands quickly, it will be these guys. Know what you’re selling though.


Just the time frame of the few cards you’ve shown tells me there’s potential for some decently-priced cards, especially from the expansion sets of the era. IIRC the only really valuable cards out of revised are the dual lands (which I used to have a full set of back in the 90’s).

What I’m entirely unsure of is how the pandemic’s affected prices.


https://www.mtgprice.com/magic-the-gathering-prices.jsp that’s what I got after a google search - seems to have fair trade prices and all that.

Sorry about your brother-in-law. And for your sister.

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