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Help for 'Weightlifting Builds Character' Paper


Hey everyone.

I'm writing a research paper for world literature, on how weightlifting builds character, and enhances a person's values, like work ethic, teamwork, motivation, etc.

I could write this all on my own, however the catch is that I need specific sources. I'm having touble finding internet sources on this (I suck, I know, because this should be easy.) Can anyone help me out by providing me with some internet sources on this? Thanks a lot.


Google Scholar.


Under The Bar by Dave Tate

Ironmind: Stronger Minds Stronger Bodies by Randall Strossen

(these are books)


Randall Strosen is the man. I have Super Squats.


How's that?



Might be able to dig some quotes out of that, but in terms of an academic paper, might be tricky.


Google scholar? Need heard of it, I hope it brings more results for me than the regular google search. Thanks.

Muscleshark -Under the Bar is a great book and is what sparked my idea for this paper. I'll have to check out that other book should I have the oppurtunity. Thanks.

Hankey, thanks for that article man, I'll be using that as my first Internet source. Shame it had to be a CrossFit story though haha

Psychoshonen, I only had time to read the first few paragraphs so far, but it's beginning great. I hope of moves in the direction of weighttraining, because then that'd be huge help (well it already is, but you know what I mean haha)

Thanks a lot everyone! Keep them coming, I'm in the notecard stage for each source and it's coming along beautifully.


I was going to suggest Under the Bar. Great book.




Hows it coming?


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