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Help For Tournament Weekend?

I am playing in an ice hockey tournament this weekend - 4 or 5 games Friday night thru Sunday. I usually play once a week and also played in a similar weekend tournament back in February. I was pretty wiped out by the end of that weekend and felt like it took me several days to recover after (just felt really tired and drained).

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions for my nutrition and supps for the upcoming weekend. I’m planning on having Surge before and after my games, but was wondering about the best way to plan my food and about using Spike, Power Drive and/or Beta-7.

I have some Beta-7, but have been saving it for an intense training cycle, but maybe it would be helpful for this weekend? If so, should I start taking it now to “load” or start Friday?

Any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Jilly, I would keep it simple. I have trained at camps and played in tounaments and have found that Surge is really the one must-have supplement.

If you want to toss in some Spike for a slight mental edge, then that’s another option!

I just treat it like workouts, Surge during/post-game and a few hardcore carby-meals in there, too. Come in really well fueled! I always eat oats for breakfast the morning of a game.

I would even recommend having some pre-game carbs to really fill things up. Sports that are largely aerobic, but with bursts of anaerobic activity )I think) will require the same protocols as a hard workout!

I’ve played in as many as 6-7 games per weekend and up to 4-5 hrs a day for 2 week long camps and done really well with this strategy. I think the ticket is just to stay really well-fueled.

SO basically I could have just summed that up by saying, eat for perfomance!!!

Yeah, what proxy said. lol

Definitly Surge. Have you tried Spike before? I’ll assume you drank the shooter at the mass seminar. Well, its awesome for energy, so I’ll reccomend that, too.

As for the Beta-7, yes, I’d use that too. I’d also start a ‘load’ now just to make sure the beta alanine levels are optimal by the time you start playing.

Good luck, and be the first woman who ever took their skate off and tried to stab someone with it! lol (Happy Gilmore reference.)

I used to fight in a lot of martial art tournaments and I used to drink a lot of caffeine and eat a lot of carbs. You’ll need it.

Thanks, guys! I’ll definitely pay close attention to my food (carbs), bring some Spike Shooters and lots of Surge. I think I will try the Beta-7, too.

I’m actually getting away kid-free for the weekend, too - should be fun!!!

Good luck Jilly,

Aside from the food/supplements, don’t neglect recovery.

Some light stretching and a hot bath (possibly epson salt) every day/night will help.

Let us know how you do.