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Help for the Unfashionable British

Does anyone know before I go out of my mind, who are the main/best stockists/manufacturers of gym clothing in the usa? we are very deprived of the stuff over here. i keep seeing stuff i love in american bodybuilding mags that is so hot, but can never trace the manufacturer. we only have the usual sports brands over here which are hideous and geared to yoga mainly - not figure flattering at all. PLEEEEASE help or I’ll have to emigrate…

I wear anything that is free, or costs less than $15 to the gym, so can’t say much about where to find cute gym clothes.

But…I believe that there is a forum in muscle with attitude that is dedicated to gym fashion(and figure stuff). You may find more info over there.

thanks for that i’ll have a look. You have no idea how dire it is, truly. Maybe i should design some for some extra cash!! cheers anyway x

Under Armour- they are breathable and wicks away moisture which helps tremendously during lifting and cardio. Here’s the UK link:



thanks all!! xxxxxxx

Thank God guys dont have to worry about wearing ‘cute tops’ to the gym… Just take old tshirts and cut 'em up. :wink:

I wear a size medium abercrombie and fitch shirt to workout in. Im going to keep wearing it until it busts at the seems.

Here’s what you do when they get too small. Hollister branded too!

I won’t even dare to try to wear my old Abercrombie stuff.

I worked there back in the day when I was a cardio queen. Now I have a huge collection of teeny tiny tank tops and mini skirts that I refuse to get rid of, but probably won’t ever fit into :frowning:

Cut off t-shirts are the way to go.

[quote]Hussayn wrote:
Here’s what you do when they get too small. Hollister branded too![/quote]

Who is that guy…He’s thick