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help for the boys!!

I have tried to check this with a search but encountered errors. I could use a little help - I am looking to supplement to help with a healthy and ample sperm count, as my wife and I are trying to have a baby. This is my thinking and if anyone would be so kind as to weigh in on this and see if it makes sense, I would appreciate this (so would my wife). Tribex, ZMA, and some usage of androsol (or should androsol be excluded). Does anyone know the effects these would have on conception, provided we are two healthy adults? Is sperm affected at all by any of these supplements? Hey, thanks for any help…

To my knowledge, these products may increase the libido (which certainly would increase your chances of conception :slight_smile: ) but they have not been shown to increase sperm count or motility.

I believe L-arginine is what you’re looking for.

I would ditch the androsol, It may help with libido, but it will cause some mild shutdown of the HPTA system. It obviously wont shut it down like 400 mg of test will, but you need all the sperm help you can get so I’d stay away from it. Stick with Tribex 500, ZMA, L-Arganine and Take Vitex. For some added help add in some Yohimbine HCL.