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Help For Strong Man Comp?

hey me and my friend are going to enter into a teen team strong man competition. The events consist of Farmers Walk, Tire Flip, Keg Carry, and the 4 event medley Cart Push/Kettle Bell Carry/Stone Carry/Sled Drag. My friend has some of the strong man training things but i’m not sure what all he has. We are going to get two more teammates that probably won’t be as strong as him, and definitly no where near me.

To all the veterans out there… What kinds of lifts can I do in the gym to prepare me? Thanks a lot

DEADLIFTS!!! speed squats and heavy squats…BEARS! find them on this website its a fuckin bitch of an exercise but it will get you in great condition…lots of grip work…

hang cleans, powercleans, pushjerks, frontsquats and deads. Definately add some plyos in the mix as well. Cleans are the most underrated lift im amateur strongman in my opinion.

yes like above said derads squats zercher lifts Lot of OH pressing no real need to bench

GRIIP!!! WORK get a strong grip

Low back you need a crazy strong back for all the moves.

start getting the implements or close to them load things drag things etc. Get dog ass strong