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i need some advice on wat to take for anti estrogens and to help keep my gains…i’m taking Test E 500mgs (7 weeks) a week, Deca 400 mgs(10 weeks) a week…and Dbol 50 mgs a day (first 4 weeks)…i have heard of Nolvadex and Clomid…but i see HCG…wat is HCG…apprecaite alll teh help and recomendtaitons

Did you do like 0 reading before starting injecting yourself with something pretty fuckin’ serious in the hands of idiots?

Tell me your cycles not over and NOW you’re asking.

Do some looking around here and you can probably figure it out, slugger.

Good luck and I hope you get your shit in order before you end up shutdown.

Nolva is an absolute must

Sorry bro, if you didn’t take the time to do your research and learn what you were putting into your body, how it acts, and how to take care of yourself after, I’m not going to spend my time helping you, since it is completely apparent that you didn’t want to help yourself.

Wow, and your first post too. What a winner. Did you do any research?

sure he didnt

To fix your problem…

Stop the deca at the same time as your last week of test E

continue Test E at 100mg total per week for six weeks


taper the test E

week 1

85mg / week

Week 2

70mg / week

Week 3

50 mg/ week

Week 4

50 mg/ week

Week 5

25 mg/ week

Week 6

25 mg / week

After this protocol you will be fine, no loss of libido, only a minimal loss of gains.

If you continue on your path you are currently on, you will experience a crash, and be shut down (libido wise) for a good 2 or even 3 months, irregardless of how much clomid you use.